Baldur’s Gate 3: Easy Infinite Food Source For Act 1

Are you struggling to find enough food in the beginning of your BG3 Honor mode or Tactician run? Do you wish you didn’t have to pay those greedy merchants extortionate prices for their food? Do you wish you could get unlimited food in act 1 in a completely legitimate way? Well look no further because now you can! In this guide I will detail exactly where to find this infinite food source and how to harvest it with the only cost being however long you choose to spend using it.

Super easy to do, simply go to this location and pick up the food. No risk of aggroing any enemies or upsetting anyone. Completely within the vanilla of the game with no cheesing required.

Works as of publication on Tuesday, April 9th 2024 using the latest hotfix / patch.


Intro / What Is This Useful For

Greeting! I have made this guide to help anyone wanting to take on the Honor (aka “Honour”) mode and the Tactician difficulties without having to worry about how they’ll obtain enough food.

While playing I found a location in early act 1 that generates infinite fish, with no real input needed from the player other than picking them up. Each fish is worth 4 camp supplies each, thus making it extremely easy to achieve the 80 camp supplies required for each long rest in these modes.

As this is an infinite source of food that will never stop producing fish you could theoretically have enough food for your entire play through if you spent enough time at it.

Where To Find It / Location

This infinite food source is found in Act 1 inside the Emerald Grove. The closest waypoint is the Emerald Grove Environs (X: 246, Y: 423).

Start by entering it and going to the druids inner circle area, where you’ll see the three druids guarding the entrance.

Next, walk past them towards Volo and his bear friend. Continue straight past them, down this fallen pillar. It is easiest to see if you rotate your camera around.

Walk down this pillar until you reach the beach, you should be able to see another bear called Ormn on the shoreline.

The fish are spawned by Ormn at the shore and can be picked up around him. If you are facing him they tend to spawn in to the left side.

For anyone still struggling to find the location here is approximately where it in on the world map:

How The Fish Spawn / How Often They Spawn

The fish are spawned by Ormn the bear, specifically when he rises up onto his hind legs more and makes a swiping motion like shown below:

This motion is what triggers the next fish to spawn and is the motion you will be looking for to know when you can pick one up.

Ormn will perform this action and spawn a 1 fish approximately every 20-30 seconds.
On average it’s usually closer to 26.16 seconds per fish.
You should be able to get a full rest for every 10 minutes of collecting you do on average.
(See the “Data” section for more explanation, exact numbers from my experiment, and also a graph.)

You can spawn an infinite number of fish, however you can only have a maximum of three piling up at once before Ormn will start to eat them. Because of this it is best to collect your fish as they spawn so you don’t lose any time in between spawns.

You can stand right next to Ormn as shown in the above screenshot to make collecting your fish easier and faster. It will not change the spawn rate of the fish and he does not mind. To take the fish simply click on them on the ground and they’ll be added to your camp supply pack.

The fish you receive will look like this and are worth 4 camp supplies each, meaning you need 20 of them to do a long rest on just them.

Depending on how long you want to do this task at a time will determine how many long rests you can get with them. Remember, you can always come back at any point in Act 1 and spend 10 minutes at a time collecting so it seems less boring.

Tips / Make Your Life Easier

For Computer / PC Users:
  • Press and hold your left alt key (or whatever your highlight all objects button is mapped to) to easily see the fish and allow you to click on their name box, making it easier to grab them.
For Console Users:
  • Press and hold R3 (or whatever your highlight all objects button is mapped to) to easily see the fish and allow you to click on their name box, making it easier to grab them.
For Everyone:
  • If your camp supply pack starts to get too heavy from all of the fish you’re carrying, you can open it and select the stack of fish (or any other food you have for that matter) and click the option to send back to camp where they will be waiting for you in your camp chest. They can still be used in your long rests automatically, you just don’t have to carry the weight with you.
  • You can come back to this and do this at any point in Act 1 guaranteed as long as you don’t get the grove locked down / killed by angering the druids or siding with the goblins. This means you can break up this task into a lot more manageable bits of time by only doing it for 10 to 20 minutes at a time. It is boring but it’s worth it if you never want to have to look for food again.


For those curious about how I came up with these numbers.

I first spent over an hour just collecting fish from Ormn without any care in the world before I realized that it was likely an infinite food source because he showed no signs of slowing down.

So, then I started timing how long it took him to spawn a fish. I took data for about 10 minutes straight and got these numbers:

Which made this graph right here:

I then took the average of all the times by adding them up and dividing by 23 to the get the average spawn rate of approximately 26.15652174 or 26.16 seconds per fish.

So in that 10 minutes I was able to get 23 fish, which at 4 camp supplies each would give me 92 camp supplies. This is enough for 1.15 long rests in these modes.

With the average rate of about 2 fish per minute you can usually get enough for a full rest in around 10 minutes. Numbers for this math were rounded down in the work as you can have partial fish. Explanation of math below:

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