Battlefield™ 2042: Weapon Tier List

Contrary to all the overdone joke guides I present a legit tier list for all the weapons in 2042.


S Tier
Beginning with the highest S Tier, these weapons are the absolute best of the best.

12M Auto

The 12M Auto is slept on by almost everyone.
With its EXTREME range (able to kill in long range scenarios) and superb DPS output on low to medium range this shotgun is easyly one of the best I have ever seen in any FPS.
Remember, what makes a shotgun good is not the one-hit potential or the DPS, but the fact that you dont really have to aim with them.
And you will NEVER need to aim properly with this beast.
Just make sure you farm the drum mag in singeplayer mode, without the drum mag you can only get 3 kills top per mag.
With the drum mag this thing is absolutely busted and I have no idea why this wasnt nerfed yet.

Obviously the K30 had to be in this tier, its firerate and ability to get a drum mag make it extremely busted and half the playerbase uses this thing.
Especially since the SMG spray radius buff you can just delete everyone with its extreme DPS output being even higher than that of the 12M Auto in close range.
Just farm the drum mag in singleplayer and your good to go.

Even after its anti-vehicle usage was nerfed it is still very effective against infantry.
1 Shot to the upper body on any range is an immediate kill which is almost unheard of in Battlefield and equally OP in Battlefield 2042.
You dont even need a any attachments for this thing to be godly.

A Tier
Solid weapons for solid players.

Even after the PP-29 got nerfed it still dominates most of 2042.
The main reason this SMG is so good is because of its amazing mag size and recoil.
Everyone used it back at launch since it had literally 0 recoil, but its recoil was significantly nerfed.
It still remains in the top tier.
No attachments needed.

Its a burst AR.
Some people like burst weapons and some people hate them, I personally hate them but this guns DPS absolutely shreds if you are able to hit your shots.
Remember to put it on singlefire for long range fights.
As for any gun that has access to them use with extended mags.

Like the K30, but worse.
Go for the drum mag and use it until you unlock the K30.

For a pistol, definitely a deserved A tier.
The only bad thing about this gun is its abysmal draw time and the mag size you start out with.
The best pistol in the game by far.

B Tier
Weapons that are left behind S/A tier guns and generally not meta picks.

The starter AR.
Kinda meh in every compartment, if you really want to use it go for the short barrel since it ups the fire rate considerably.
As already said short barrel is a must but I would also recommend using close combat ammo.

Like the M5A3, but with less fire rate and more mag in form of a drum.

The starter SMG.
Has a good fire rate and solid DPS/accuracy when spraying, about the best gun you got at LVL01.
Make sure to put on the close range mags once you get them.

C Tier
Weapons you generally shouldnt use.

Bad fire rate, bad damage, bad recoil, bad mobility and bad dispersion.
Only thing good about it is its mag and well, its a LMG so it should have a big mag.

Same as the LCMG but with more fire rate and mag but WAY less accuracy and dispersion drops way faster.
You really need to get lucky after 10 meters with this thing.

The starter sniper.
REALLY bad bullet ballistics and all around infuriating to use.
I guess you could snipe with this before you get the NTW.

Same as the SWS, but with less bullet drop and less handling/fire rate.

The starter pistol.
Kinda okay-ish if you use it in burst mode, but doesnt hold a candle to the MP28.
I guess you have to use it if you dont have the MP28 unlocked.

D Tier
Straight up bad guns.

Small mag, a lot of recoil and a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ firerate make this gun really subpar in contrast to every other AR.
Yes it has the grenade launcher, but unlike the AK-24 you cant swap it out for a grip to improve the horrible recoil.
If you really want to use this farm the drum mag in singleplayer first. Please.

If you decide to use the default 5-Round power mag its a consistent 2-Shot Sniper.
Great in case your target just stands there and eats your shots, but thats usually not the case.

E Tier
The worst of the worst. Only use these guns for memeing.

The starter DMR.
Does about the same damage as an AR with way worse firerate, accuracy and mag size.
In beta I actually had a gunfight with this POS where I hit my opponent 5 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ times with it and he still wasnt dead.
Just use any AR over this and put firemode to singlefire for that precious DMR experience.

Like the DM7 but also worse in every aspect.

Just a really, REALLY bad pump action shotgun.
Spray radius is absolutely horrendous so good luck hitting anything with this.
Even if you hit sometimes it isnt a oneshot at point blank range.

GVT 45-70
Like a sniper, but worse.
A lot worse.

This battlefields meme pistol.
Fire rate and 2 Shot kills make this thing almost unusable as a sidearm.
Just use the MP28 over this.

By Mx8

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