Beasts of Bermuda: Beginner Tips

A short guide to help get new players off the ground.

Note: This is not a complete beginners guide, nor is it a guide for how to play.


1.0 Keybinds

The first thing you should do in any game frankly is set up your keybinds. Beasts of Bermuda is no different. Knowing which buttons to press will give you an advantage that many new players won’t have.
To locate your controls: Main Menu>Settings>Control Settings
From here, there are 6 types of controls; Movement, Actions, Mouse Sensitivity, Calls, Interface and Misc. Since many are self explanatory, I’ll go over what confuses new players the most.

»Crouch:// I am including this one because it will give you an edge in combat. Because dinosaurs cannot turn very well, Crouching is a bit of a loophole and will allow you to make a tighter turn while attacking.

»Rest:// This is used to heal from any injury. Press your rest button once to sit, or twice to sleep and recover the fastest. Use caution when sleeping, your snoring is LOUD.

»Smell/Scent:// Arguably the most important feature of the game, it is important to bind close enough to reach as you will need to use it frequently. From scent, you can locate safe to eat food and clean water. You can also use it to follow scent trails left behind from other players, as well as see which talent tree they’ve built into. Red = Combat, Blue = Survival, Green = Movement. Colors can mix as well making Purple, Yellow, Teal and White.

»Use:// This button is how you will interact with the world around you. Press it to eat, drink, use crystals and herbs. Double tapping your use button will allow you to pick up objects and even other players. As a flyer, you can hold this button to land without taking damage. As an aquatic, you can press this button at the surface of the water to get oxygen.

»Special Ability:// The special ability can make a huge difference in combat and has a variety of different powers based on the dinosaur you are playing as. Because each dinosaur has a different ability, it’s worth while to spend a minute to search for guides depending on what you are playing.

»Creature Ability:// Not to be confused with a special, this ability acts as tertiary attack.

»Place Nest:// The birds and the bees… When mating, a Male player must build a nest for his mate to lay her eggs in. New players will likely not need this often, however it’s worth mentioning.

»Character Menu:// The character menu will display a lot of crucial information about your current character. This includes Trial Scores, Growth, Gender, Species, Health and Ability Stats, Food & Water and Diet as well as other misc. information. It will also display current buffs/debuffs and injury.

»Players List:// Pressing this twice will allow you to interact with the menu. From here you can see a list of players, as well as a tab for your current group players and a tab to find groups.

»Talent Screen:// This opens the talent screen and will allow you to invest points into your build.

2.0 Lingo and Communities

The lingo://
Very important to understand what people in the chat are saying.

2 Call – a friendly call
3 Call – an aggressive call
Body down – when a member of a party is killed in combat
FP – fat plant (provides satiation to herbivores)
GS – Growth storm
Herd – referring to a group of herbivores and or omnivores.
Leg/Legged/Legging – attempting to pick up a gore heavier than the player resulting in grabbing a leg
Pack – referring to a group of carnivores
Pack Limit – number of players allowed in a group
PG – player gore (provides satiation to carnivores/scavengers)
RB – rule break
SG – spawn gore (meat that spawns on the map)

The Discords://
Most game servers have a Discord server linked in association.

Why should you care? Because each game server has its own mostly unique set of rules which can be found listed in the Discord. On top of that, many servers will frequently host events which make the game a bit more lively. The game servers will often fill to the max when popular events are ongoing and if you want a shot to get in, knowing ahead of time is the way to go.

To continue, survival in the game is heavily based on packs and herds. Solo players will have a difficult time getting far in the game. You might win the 1v1’s, but your survival rate sharply drops the with the more players you face. Discord doesn’t help combat this directly, however spending some time to getting to know regular players and the moderators of the server will help you in the end. Getting hatched in as an egg, finding herds and packs, and mating and breeding will often come down to how well known you are. So try to keep a good reputation when interacting with these folks.

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