Black Desert: How to Upload the External Screenshots to Steam

I wanted to get straight to the point, so you may want to look up “how to find your Steam screenshot folder”, “what is GIMP”, and “how to close Steam” before proceeding.

This is for any game, not just Black Desert.

Converting the Screenshot

Open your screenshot in GIMP.
Click on “File”
Click on “Export As…”
On the “Export Image” window, at the top, replace the file extension with “jpg”
It should look like this: example.jpg
Click on “Export”
On the “Export Image as JPEG” window, ensure that the quality slider is at 90
Click on “Export”

Creating the Thumbnail

Click on “Image”
Click on “Scale Image…”
On the “Scale Image” window
Change the “Width” value to 200
Click on the “Height” value, it should automatically change.
Click on “Scale”
Now, repeat the steps from the previous section to export the thumbnail.

Renaming the Files

Both the exported screenshot and thumbnail need to share the same name.
A valid name looks like this: 20231208171100_1.jpg
This is what the numbers mean:
2023 – year
12 – month
08 – day
17 – hour
11 – minute
00 – second
The “_1” at the end is required. Don’t change this number.

Moving the Files to Steam

Go to the Steam screenshot folder for the game.
Close Steam, and copy the exported screenshot into the folder.
Inside this folder, there’s another folder called “thumbnails”; Copy the exported thumbnail into the folder.

Open Steam, and your screenshot should show up in your game details page.

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