Blade of Darkness: All Character Overview

The purpose of this guide is to help new players to pick a character for the first time, depending of their playstyle


🛡️ Sargon (Balanced)

🟢 “Jack of all trades” character
🟢 Best defensive character
🟢 Three armor upgrades
🟢 A lot of abilities
🟢 Can use shields effectively
🟢 Decent combos
🟢 Good Hit Points
🔴 You need to be really close for hit

📜The knight is the most used character among the players. His balanced stats make of him a reliable choice. Recommended for players that thinks that a good defense is the best offense.

🗡️ Tukaram (Damage)

🟢 Powerful combos
🟢 Long ranged melee weapons
🟢 A lot of abilities
🟢 Decent Hit Points
🔴 Some combos are slow
🔴 One armor upgrade

📜The barbarian is pure brutality. His poor defense compensates with good damage. Recommended for brave and aggressive players

⚡ Zoe (Speed)

🟢 Very agile character
🟢 Fast and evasive dodge
🟢 Whirlwind ability is really good and can be obtained early in the game
🟢 Long ranged melee weapons
🟢 Decent combos
🔴 Less Hit Points than the rest of the characters
🔴 One armor upgrade
🔴 A few abilities (actually two)

📜The amazon is the fastest character from all. His fast / long ranged attacks and dodges make her a good choice for players who wants the job done quick

💪 Naglfar (Tank)

🟢 Good defense, attack and Hit Points
🟢 Defensive character
🟢 Can use shields effectively
🟢 Two armor upgrades
🔴 A few abilities
🔴 His attacks and combos tend to miss a lot
🔴 You need to be really close for hit
🔴 Slow dodge

📜The dwarf is a bulky character. It has everything. But his short legs make his dodges and movements slower. PD: I only played once with the dwarf and for what I know his melee attacks are broken (hit boxes). Maybe they fixed it in this re-release

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