Blade of Darkness: Alternative Skins from Multiplayer in Singleplayer (No Mods)

How to use alternative skins from multiplayer in singleplayer? Easy!


Alternative Skins from Multiplayer in Singleplayer (No Mods)

So, how can I get a sexy barbarian with armor or other skins?

It’s easy and you can get it for 5-10 min without any mods.

Files with these skins are already in your game, even without multiplayer it remains in the steam version.

Where is these shiny things?

steamapps/common/Blade of Darkness/3DCHARS

It’s 2 files for each skin (.mmp and .bod)


How to use it?

Fist of all – make sure that you made backups!

Just rename Barskin1.mmp and Barskin1.bod to Bar.mmp and Bar_N.bod. Then take copy of Bar_N.bod and name it Bar_L.bod . For chars with M and F do the same!

Hey, what is L/M/F mean?
Nice question! Its skins for Lite/Medium/Full armor. So even when you take your class armor you wouldn’t loose alternative skins.

What is our next step?

Just enjoy!

Yeah! It just works!

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