Blade & Sorcery: How to Fix Small or Big Enemies without Mods

If you are a big or small warrior in Blade & Sorcery you will have to fight enemies that are larger or smaller and don’t feel right. That can be fixed with SteamVRs World Scale.


Size matters!
When creating your character in Blade & Sorcery you can auto-detect your height so your character matches your body size. But for the enemies that does not count. For me (193cm / 6’4″) the enemies feel way to small. Others have the opposite problem and they are attacked by giants.

Steam allows you to fix this without any mods and for nearly every VR game.

Change the world scale!
SteamVR offers you to scale the world of every game to you desire.

1. Open the settings in VR and select “Video”.

2. Click “Per-application video settings” and select “Blade & Sorcery” from the list.

3. On “Overwrite world scale” select “Normal” or “Fine” and set the scale you like.

For me 108 – 110% works pretty well, so don’t take to high changes.

Start your game and select your character

Remember to reset the characters height. If works if you don’t but details might feel off. It is possible to set the scale while in-game but I had some problems once so I suggest you restart the game.

Known issues
  • Due the whole world is scaled some things might fell odd. For me it’s doors. If you scale to much weapons become silly sized.
  • I had trouble with Liv when the world is scaled. Weapons are not in my hands but float next to them. So no scaling if you record using Liv.

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