Brawlhalla: “To Hell and Back” Achievement Guide

In this guide I will show you how to unlock the Brawlhalla Achievement: To Hell and Back


About the Hordes Mode

In Horde Mode, up to 4 players work together to KO enemies and prevent them from breaking the two gates.

Enemies spawn in every Wave and you have to KO. There are three types of enemies in this mode:

  1. Grey enemies can be killed with a simple attack and they are moving slow.
  2. Yellow enemies can be killed with a simple attack, but they are moving faster.
  3. Red enemies are slow, but you need to perform a heavy attack or several light attacks to KO them.

The gates take damage every time an enemy hits on them. If the gates take too much damage it will open, and if any enemy enters an open gate the match is over.

Every 5 waves, the Gruagach (Mirrors the abilities of Teros) will spawn and you will have to KO it in order to progress to the next Wave.

The Horde Mode Map

Achievement Goal

In order to get the Achievement: To Hell and Back, you have to “Reach Wave 26 in Horde mode with Damage set to 100% or lower”

Achievement as shown on Steam page.

Lobby Setup

  1. Firstly, Create a Custom Private or Public Room.
  2. Then change the Settings as shown below:

    Lobby Settings

    Match Time: 15:00
    Damage: 100% (Keep it on “100%”, otherwise you wan’t get the achievement)
    Gadgets: On
    Test Features: Off
    Max Players: 2

    NOTE: When playing with 3-4 players adds more enemies and makes it way harder. So I recommend playing with only 2 players.

Useful Tips, notes and Legend Selection

When choosing a legend for this mode, choose either someone who you are familiar with or a legend with a larger hit area, so it will be easier to hit the enemies.
Legends recommendation: Queen Nai, Wu Shang, Jiro.

You and the other player should cover both portals. Kill all the enemies as fast as you can. If you don’t have any enemies on your side, help your teammate out and throw many gadgets/weapons towards the enemies.

On boss waves, one person should be focusing on the boss and the other should be killing all the additional enemies. However, the quicker you kill that boss, the less adds you have to kill.

The first waves are the most critical, so be sure that you cover both portals and you keep all enemies away form them.

Also Waves 17 and 22 seem to be the hardest so really focus up on those as a single slip of the rhythm can destroy an entire door from 0 to 100.

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