Breeders of the Nephelym Alpha Cheat Codes

This game has cheat codes and I don’t recommend using them, at least not on your first playthrough. If you are just here for the sex then these will help you skip the rest of the game. The only one I used on my first playthrough of the game was the “go home” cheat, but that is because you don’t unlock the portals until late game and there is a lot of walking. I would say there are three types of cheat codes. First, temporary boots that will be removed when you quit the game or use the “remove cheats” code. Second, permanent cheats that you can not undo. Third, “go home” the teleport cheat code. To use the codes press “esc”, click on settings, at the bottom there is a tab called “Cheats”, and enter the codes in all lowercase as seen.

“go home” – Teleports you back to the homestead. Teleport

“win surprise sex” – Makes it to where you don’t have to click during “surprise sex”. Temporary

“infinite lust” – Makes it to where your lust and the lust of your captured nephelym will not decrease. If you use it while you have zero lust, just sleep to reset it. Temporary

“infinite spirit” – Makes it to where you don’t lose spirit. Temporary

“enable spirit form” – Enables your spirit form. You will still need to catch nephelym of the same sex as your character and go to the high priestess to change your form. Permanent

“add money” – Adds 1,000,000 orgasiums. Permanent

“add favor” – Adds 1,000 favors. Permanent

“max all fluids” – Max out all the fluids that you can harvest. Permanent

“all barns” – Build all the barns at your homestead. Permanent

“max trait level” – Max out your trait level. Permanent

“imma lazy sack” – Opens all the doors and unlocks the portals. This one skips all of the progress of the game and you can freely run around and collect nephelym. Permanent

“remove cheats” – Turns off all non-permanent cheats

By Crowbar67

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