Bright Memory Infinite: Reliquaries Locations

Screenshots with locations of reliquaries


The very first one is

… impossible to get, it’s in a cut scene. Sorry


1) Before an abyss run in a doorway.

2-3) When entering house with rocky yard, check left and right rooms.

4) On a table inside this lovely pagoda.

5) Next to a bell.

During a stealth mission,

6) in a garden central sitting area.

7) First house your enter – check left room

8) Under a path with 3 guards upstairs

9) Next to the last patrol inside


10) Behind barrels by this blue arrow

11) and literally above №10

12) After you run away from a helicopter

13) Next to a sniper riffle

14) Jump down below the sniper riffle area and walk back

15) Continue normally with the sniper, check left square

16) After escaping from a firing vehicle inside

17) After a very challenging fight with hogs

18) Before the log pathway


19) On your way to a car, behind as you drop

20) On a small platform

21) This one was glitching for me: sometimes it wouldn’t appear O_o

22) When you defeat two angry kittens and about to grapple, don’t!

Check behind the roof

23) Face this fence and walk backward (see in bottom right?)

24) In plain sight

25) Check this building

it’s there!

26) The area with many enemies, first central tower – left shelve

27) Check with distance mark, the relic is on a floating rock

28) And another one

29) By the final battle arena

but I need 50!

So, we (you) 21 relics short, ahem.

1) Go to the main menu, select play specific episode “Close Call”.
2) Any difficulty, keep all your abilities and progress.
3) Pick up those 3 relics, exit to main menu and… repeat 6 more times.


Get Rich
Acquire 20 “Reliquaries”
Get Richer
Acquire 50 “Reliquaries”

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