Broforce: Cheat Code PC (How to Enter)

Show some code you can enter on the menu, they’re not all cheat.


How to enter a code
  • First, you need to be on the main menu.
  • Type the code with your keyboard
  • Once you finish entering the code, a sound will normally be played.
The codes

(Uppercase can be lower)
After killing someone, T-BAG the ennemy and the corps will bounce.


Unlock all bros.


Unlock the bro who are before The Brode.


The game will try to reduce load time (the code say that), i didn’t see a change.


Enabled 2 cheat in campaign :

  • CTRL + F11 : Finish the campaign level.
  • CTRL + F8 : Do nothing.

Add in the level editor :

  • SetPieceBackground doodad
  • Cutscene Level Event Actions
  • Execution function actions.

By Gorzon

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