Broforce: All Bosses List

All Broforce Bosses and their attacks.



The first boss you will meet is Terrorkopter.
Terrorcopter has 2 types of attacks.
The first attack is the dropping of 5 “bombs” that can be destroyed, but it’s better to just dodge them.
The second attack is machine gun shots, you can only dodge them.
This boss has only one weakness and this weakness is that you can stand on the rocket launchers, since the terrorcopter cannot hit you while you are there.


The second boss of this game is Terrorkannon.
His attack is that he will spawn 3 ordinary terrorists or suicide bombers.
Little can be said about him, but he also has a weakness, or to be more precise, a blind spot under him.
The Terrorkannon cannon cannot shoot in all directions, it can only shoot at a certain angle, which is why its blind spot is under it.
P.S. If you destroy the entire area around it, it will self-destruct.

Stealth Tank

The third boss of the Stealth Tank.
This boss has 3 types of attack.
The first is an attack with artillery shells.
The second attack is machine gun fire.
The third attack only happens if you are too close to the tank.The tanker starts throwing grenades at you.
Like all past bosses, and this one has only one weakness.
When he fires his machine guns he has a blind spot due to his limited spins, but beware of the third attack.


GR666 or Andrew Scott is the first rather difficult boss.
He has 4 types of attacks
With the first attack, he fires 5 missiles, which are much faster than conventional missiles.
The second attack is throwing grenades, which can be thrown away by close combat.
The third one is very easy to dodge, GR666 bounces and causes a mini earthquake.
And the last attack is a call for an airstrike.
If you have a mech, then you can very easily defeat this boss, because there are very, very many boxes of supplies at the level.


Fifth, anniversary boss.
After the player gets to the second floor of the building, Megacockter falls from the sky and starts shooting the building, at this stage Megacockter is invulnerable.
After you go down on the zip line, Megacockter will start dropping bombs, the only way to defeat him is to damage him with a flying barrel.

Sky Fortress

The sixth boss is Sky Fortress.
Until you destroy 4 modules of this fortress, there will be the first phase.
In the first phase, he has only 3 types of attacks.
The first is a homing missile attack.
The second is a mortar attack and the third is a terrorist spawn.
After that, the fortress will spawn terrorists until you destroy the fortress.
The weak point of this boss is that after destroying 4 modules, you can shoot at the fortress holding on to it until something throws you off.

Rail Fortress

And so the golden half, the seventh boss.
Rail Fortress has only one type of attack and this is the launch of missiles, to defeat him you need to be at the right height and break his plate, rocket TV.
This boss is easy to kill with the Brofessional ability


Terrorbot is the eighth boss.
It has 4 types of attack.
The first is firing his machine guns.
The second one throws grenades.
The third-releases 6 homing missiles.
The fourth one jumps and makes a mini earthquake.
He can only be defeated if he falls off the level.

Acid Crawler

The ninth boss of Acid Crawler, he will come across you several times in the game.
He has only one type of attack, he spits acid.
The most effective way is to throw grenades into his mouth or shoot from below.


The tenth, again anniversary boss is Humongocrawler.
It has two types of attacks.
The first one spits.
The second growls pushing players away and destroying the area around.
When you destroy his mouth, you will be able to get inside and you have to destroy the heart to defeat him.


The 11th boss of Terrorcrawler.
This boss has 2 phases.
The first is the pursuit, the worm jumps out trying to kill the player.
And the second phase has 2 types of attacks.
The first is the launch of six homing missiles.
The second is that the worm spits acid.
If you approach the worm, it will push you away with its feet.
If a grenade or a turkey (Macbrovin’s ability)
gets into the worm’s mouth, it will receive very large damage.

Heart of Hive

The twentieth boss is Heart of hive.
The boss can push players away without causing damage.
He spawns “strangers”, a fairly easy boss.

Bone Wurm

Bone Wurm is the thirteenth boss of Broforce.
Bon Wurm launches 2 souls that will haunt you and bon wurm shoots fireballs.


The fourteenth boss is Satan.
Satan is the main villain of the whole game.
It has 4 phases in the first stage and the last fifth phase in the second stage.
In the first phase, first he jumps on the ground, then shoots fireballs, then uses a protective field that deals damage within its radius of action, causing a rain of fire, after destroying the shield, you can attack Satan.
After all of the above comes the third phase.
The boss recovers all his HP, he also jumps on the ground and shoots powerful fireballs, he has a chance to release 4 minions that can get a lot of fireballs, after he can’t do anything for a short time.
The fourth phase you have to run to the right side through obstacles, shots, fireballs to move to a new phase

Satan True Form

Final Boss (final stage of Satan) Satan True Form.
Satan constantly summons terrorists, summons fireballs from the sky, shoots a laser from his eyes.
Satan’s more or less blind spot is his head.
First you need to destroy the third eye.
When you destroy half of Satan’s flesh, you will have to climb on his arms during attacks to attack him.
You can also just climb on the head of Satan and just shoot at it until you are thrown off.

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