Brookhaven: Transformation Guide

Small guide on the different transformations you can do and how to obtain them.

Transformations for your avatar.



– In the Dungeons, around level 50, you will encounter vampire coffins. If you are bitten, you have a chance to become a vampire in about 3 days. Prevent this by wearing prayer beads.

– As a vampire, you can bite enemies. This attack will cause damage and fill your new blood meter (not health). You can also turn into a bat, which grants faster movement speed.

– You will get hurt by the sun. So cast rain spells, or bring a lot of healing. You can remove this life state with a blessing potion.


– You will unlock a questline to investigate the possibility of werewolves by Natalie. (In summer). On full moons (moon stance is indicated in owl clock), werewolves will appear in the forest. Each scratch will have a chance to turn you into a werewolf, which is automatic. Prevent this by wearing wolfsbane.

– As a werewolf, you will have a wolf minion you can summon at any time. You are also able to kill werewolves without needing a silver weapon. You can remove this life state with a blessing potion.


– To unlock this ability, you must finish a quest in the cave in the house above the forest (Solve the bear cub quest first) you will receive an amulet, which will allow you to breathe underwater.

– After you build the bridge at the beach, go into the water south of the lighthouse and dive under the water. To remove this state, remove the amulet or leave the water.

Elk Demon.

– At level 10 magic skill, you can choose to gain a cloak you can equip. Click “T” to use. To remove this status, press “T” again, or remove the cloak.

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