Bugsnax: How to Pet the Bunger

This is a step-by-step guide on how to pet the Bunger.


How to Pet the Bunger

Step 1: Find the Bunger
Go to Garden Grove and find Bunger. There should be at least two of them throughout the area. If not, try reloading the area either by sleeping in Beffica’s cave or by leaving the area and coming back.

Step 2: Catch the Bunger
Grab some ketchup for your Sauce Slinger. You will need to use the ketchup in order to catch Bunger.

If the two Bungers are far away from each other, you may need to fire patches of ketchup on the ground to lure them to the same area. After this is done, fire some ketchup onto one of the Bungers. The other should notice and charge into it, stunning it in the process. You should be able to drop the Snak Trap next to it and catch it that way. You can also walk up to Bunger and catch it with the Bug Net.

Step 3: Donate the Bunger
This next step can only be done once Gramble returns to Snaxburg. Go to Simmering Springs and complete his quest to bring him back to Snaxburg.

After completing his quest, Gramble will set up his barn in Snaxburg. Outside of it is a donation box where you can drop off Bugsnax.

Walk up to the donation box and you should be prompted to donate your Bugsnax. Simply select Bunger and it should be donated to Gramble’s barn.

Step 4: Pet the Bunger
Bunger should now show up inside the barn. If you walk up to it, you should be prompted to pet Bunger.

Congratulations! You are petting Bunger!

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