Call of Duty World at War: Knie Tief Guide

A step by step guide to the Logistical Reaper (previously know as “xXf3arXReaper666”) map “Knie Tief”. This map is a part of the Reaper map pack referred to as “Fortress”.

Knie Tief is a modification of the zombie map “Shi No Num”, it’s not a remake however it’s an edit created by using scripting in order to change thing in the map.


Part 1: Opening Pack-A-Punch

In order to activate Pack-A-Punch you’ll need to:
1. Open the “Fishing Hut”, the “Doctor Quarters”, the “Storage”, and the “Comm’s Room”.

2. You need to go outside of “Storage” to where you can see the meteor (It’ll be outside the map), you have to kill zombies around the area in order to fill it with souls.

3. You’ll need to find two red glowing orbs, they’ll be in one of the buildings that you opened in step one. It’s random each game. You have to interact with them in order to activate them. They should fly away towards the Pack-A-Punch.

4. You’ll find the third orb outside of spawn on the zip-line, you’ll have to power it on using after life.

(The power box for it is at “Doctor’s Quarters”) You’ll have to then activate/call the zip-line and than either use the zip line to reach it, or go back to the top of the zip-line on foot and interact with it.

And you’re done and can now Pack-A-Punch, now go out there and kick some ass!

Part 1.5: Free Wunderwaffe

1. After opening the four main buildings you’ll get a message saying “Now Find The Grave!”.

2. If you find the “Grave” and interact with it you’ll be given a Wunderwaffe. The location for the “Grave” is different each game. I’m unaware of all the locations so I can not currently show then in the guide.

Part 2: Activating The Electric-Shock Machine

1. At the every main building you’ll find an “Electric-Shock Therapy Machine” or “Electric-Shock” for short. They can found in: the “Fishing Hut”

the “Doctor’s Quarters”

the “Storage”

the “Comm’s Room”

2. You must than charge them by shocking them using afterlife. Then you must go back to the portal where you’ll find a red orb falling down, go up to it and pick it up.

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