Car Mechanic Simulator 2021: How to Edit Your Save File (Cash/scrap/skill points etc.)

Quick and easy edit your save file for Cash/scrap/skill points etc.


How to Edit Your Save File
Find your backup file in C:\Users \” Your username “\AppData\LocalLow\Red Dot Games\Car Mechanic Simulator 2021\Save

There is a file named profile0.cms21 which corresponds to the first save of the game. It must be opened with Notepad or another text editor.

Inside you can modify the values ​​of PlayerMoney for money and PlayerLevel for levels also Scrap.

For skill points, it is the “points” value which is just before upgradeForMoneyData that must be modified. If you want 50 skill points, you have to put 50 here.

By Zoltan

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