Cardfight!! Vanguard Dear Days: General Guide (Fighter Customization & Deck Customization)

So you’ve bit the bullet and decided to buy the game.

You realize “Oh, this game is actually more fun than I expected!” Whether you’re experienced in the tcg, the Japanese exclusive Vanguard EX, or a new player. There’s always going to be something that people miss, which is what this guide is for.

Note: This guide is in construction and it will be updated later!


Fighter Customization

From the Main Menu. Click Fighter’s Note.

Fighter = Menu to change your Fighter Skin for CPU Fight/Multiplayer. You unlock more characters as you progress through the game.

Nickname = Changes your in-game nickname.

Message = Choose from multiple pre-set messages to be seen during Online Play.

Playmat = Changes your current Playmat. You can buy more in the store.

Achievement = Changes your title that shows during Online Play. You can unlock more as you progress through the game or do certain milestones. (Ex. Crimson Dragon Emperor requires you to win 10 fights with Dragon Empire)

Deck Customization

From the Main Menu, click Deck Edit.

Edit Deck = Edits the deck’s current card build. This is where you’ll spend a good portion of your time crafting and fine-tuning your deck builds.

Add as Favorite = (Not yet sure what it does other than putting a star on the upper right of your deck)

Load Deck Recipe = Load Deck Builds you’ve already unlocked from CPU’s or from character DLC.

Change Deck Name = Changes your deck’s current name. If you’re wondering why most people have “Deck” as their deck name, they haven’t changed it. Keep in mind that the censorship can be quite atrocious at times. Max of 10 characters.

Move Deck = Lets you move your deck to another spot on the list. If you move it on top of a spot with a Deck on it, it switches both deck’s current position.

Copy Deck = Lets you copy one of your current decks. Good for fine-tuning your main decks without messing up the original.

Abandon Deck = Deletes the current Deck.

Change Sleeves = Changes your Main Sleeve (The sleeve of your Deck) and your Ride Deck Sleeve (The sleeve of your Ride Deck beside the Main Deck)

Outside the deck menu, you can also copy the deck a person has on Online Play.

From the Main Menu > Fight > Fighter Log.

Deck Information = Shows you the Deck of your opponent during that match. Cards that you do not own (even if you have the alternate art/rarity of said card) stay shaded. You can also craft the cards you don’t own from here by viewing a shaded card.

Copy Deck = Copies a Deck into your Deck Edit. It appears on the first blank space of your Deck Edit.



(Will update soon!)

If you’ve played Vanguard EX before, then the crafting system will be familiar.

Checking the upper right, switch between Owned to View. Here you will see cards you don’t own as shaded. Preview a card of your choice to craft it. Keep in mind that cards you don’t own are double in CP price.

You can also craft cards in the Fight Menu. In the Fighter Log, by opening someone’s deck information, you can preview a card from there and craft it. The same can be said in Ranking. If the opponent has set their deck to public, you can preview the cards from their deck and craft from there.

Loading Character or Player Deck Builds/Recipes

You can copy Deck Recipes from either the in-game characters or Players.

For Character Deck Recipes, go to Edit Deck, click a blank deck slot and choose Load Deck Recipe. You can only load Deck Recipes you’ve unlocked.

For Player Deck Lists. Go to Fight Menu > Fighter Log. Click a Player you’ve recently matched with. Press Copy Deck to add their Deck Recipe to your own Edit Deck. The copied Deck Recipe will load into the first available blank deck slot.

Character Deck Lists

Here are all the current Deck Lists of each character:
(Note: I haven’t unlocked/bought all the recipes, will be updated as soon as I get them, or when someone provides them.)

Yuyu’s Deck (Nirvana/Vairina) (Overdress) :

Danji’s Deck (Bruce) (Final Rush) :

Tohya’s Deck (Bastion) :

Megumi’s Deck (Magnolia) :

Tomari’s Deck (Seraph) (Prison) :

Zakusa’s Deck (Orfist) (Dark Night/Abyssal Dark Night) :

Mirei’s Deck (Bavsargra) (Arms) :

Rasen’s Deck (Rorowa) (Plant Token) :

Gosetsu’s Deck (Flagburg) :

Tatsuki’s Deck (Kheios) :

Masaru’s Deck (Baromagnes) :

Mika’s Deck (Kairi) :

Doshi’s Deck (Eugene) :

Kuro’s Deck (Hexaorb) :

Haru’s Deck (Thegrea) :

Kana’s Deck (Fortia) (Friends) :

Yui’s Deck (Loronerol) (Song) :

Taiji’s Deck (Eva) (Research) :

Noi’s Deck (Feltyrosa) (Fox Arts) :

Aichi’s Deck (Majesty Lord Blaster) :

Ren’s Deck (Phantom Blaster Overlord) :

Kai’s Deck (Dragonic Overlord The End) :

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