DRINK BAR MAID REGRESSION: All Super Hard Mission Guide(Ultimate & Challenger)

how to clear ultimate and challenger all skill level 3   Vanquishing unidentified LOD Enemy HP : 120 reward : 5 Conditioning Agents Oolond          Gingerbetson       Cocoabelle Fighting Off the skilled Hunter Enemy HP : 70 Passive : very high defense / attack every 2 turn reward : 5 Conditioning Agents Gingerbetson       Oneinglash        Yogurnde Suppression of the riot Enemy HP … Read more

Zup!: 100% Achievement Guide 2021

Here is a guide on how to get 100% achievement in Zup!. we will add more content later. MENU Star! Click on star Zup! What’s up bro? Play! Go! Go! Go! Level selection? Cool! This game rules It is always important to read the rules RULES NO! It is not right! NO! It is not … Read more

Shattered Tale of the Forgotten King: 100% Achievement Guide

100% Achievement guide ! Not exactly a step by step guide but this should help you in a pinch !   Missable Achievements These are related to the missable achievements. Demiurges (strong optional bosses) – make sure to keep either Andres or Ras’samrah alive (see map) Dark Wanderers (your clones) – you need to keep one alive … Read more