Mad Father: Remake “Familiar Face” Achievement Guide

Shows how to get all 20 gems in the remake and how to trigger the secret event.


In order to get the “Familiar Face” achievement, we first have to collect all 20 gems.

Gem 1

Gem 1 can be found in the main hall at the entrance to the mansion.

Gem 2

Gem 2 can be found in the doll room sitting on the throne.

Gem 3
Requires receiving a pendent then bringing the pendent to the bedroom.

The person you give the pendent to is invisible, she is found standing near the window. After giving her the pendent she will drop a gem.

Gem 4

This gem is found outside the archive room, you must stand where Aya is standing in the screenshot until the person with the cart passes you. After that, you are freely able to grab the gem.

Gem 5

Found in the bathroom.

Gem 6

This gem is found in the kitchen. It’s better to first approach the gem until the dog is on high alert. After that, exit the room and re-enter. You’ll be able to grab the gem freely.

Gem 7

Found in the reception room. Move the chair over to the cabnit with the gem on top of it, after that you’ll be able to get the gem.

Gem 8

Found in the cafeteria, behind the left curtain.

Gem 9

Found in the incubation room.

Gem 10

Lead the body over to the head.

You’ll receive a gem after helping the decapitated head.

Gem 11

Found in the backyard shed after using your chainsaw on a barrel with a glowing circle.

Gem 12

Take the ladder from the left side of the room and move it next to the muttering man. Climb the ladder and get the gem.

Gem 13
Go to the reception room and use the flame retardant on the fire, drop the jar of eyeballs down the hole.

Go back to the woman asking for her eyeballs, she’ll give you a gem in return for helping her.

Gem 14

This gem is shown in a mirror, go to the opposite side of the room where the mirror isn’t and press “z”

Gem 15

Found in a barrel in the basement passage of floor 2.

Gem 16

Found in the hidden laboratory after cutting down the large man.

Gem 17

Help the boy get out of his handcuffs, he will give you a gem in return for helping him.

Gem 18

Found in the doll maze, below the rotating doll that stays in one place.

Gem 19

After getting the incinerator key, go back to the cultivation room with all the plants. Cut the glowing one open with your chainsaw to get the gem.

Gem 20

Using the bone the plant gave you, go back to the room you woke up in after passing out and give the dog a bone.

Familiar Face Achievement
After getting all 20 gems you have to SAVE FATHER and HELP MARINA (get the true ending), after all these conditions are met the secret event will trigger.

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