Choice of Life Middle Ages: 100% Achievement Guide

This is a guide for collecting all of the achievements in Choice of Life: Middle Ages.


1. Title Bearer — Achieve a title for the first time

Obtain any title in the game.

The easiest way to do this to pull the horse’s tail when given the option at the beginning of the game. You will receive the title “Flier” and this achievement will be credited to you.

2. Famous Nobleman — Earn 24 Titles

There is no quick way to get 24 titles. Keep playing until you play through every scenario or follow one of these guides to help speed things along: (English – link to come) (Russian)

3. Mr. Universe — Get all possible titles

See the above guides for help.

4. Rebirth — Make a deal with a spirit

The first time you die in this game, a spirit will come to you asking for help. Agree to help them.

5. For the first time? — Be reborn 10 times

Die and be reborn 10 times.

6. Stubborn — Be reborn 30 times

Die and be reborn 30 times.

7. Bandit — Defeat the bandit leader

To defeat the Bandit Leader, you first need to start as a Peasant, meet the strange boy and obtain the gold coin, and then challenge the leader to a duel and defeat him. One pathway to this achievement is listed below.

  • Start as a Peasant
  • Crawl
  • Crawl
  • Learn how to walk
  • Come closer
  • (Sword or Bow, does not matter)
  • (Hide or Tag, does not matter)
  • Drive the Plow
  • Find out who it is (receive coin)
  • Let it wander
  • Go wherever your eyes take you
  • (the next choice varies and is not important, but one option will gain/lose health)
  • Order a stew
  • Pay your bill
  • Find out what these gentlemen are doing at such a late hour
  • Empty out your pockets
  • Return
  • (the next choice varies and is not important, but one option will gain/lose health)
  • Go
  • Greet the leader
  • Apologize
  • Easier
  • Don’t touch
  • Make a suggestion
  • Challenge the leader to a duel
  • (the next two choices are not important but you will lose a heart for each)
  • Wait

Now you’re the Bandit Leader!

8. Merchant — Defeat the mercenary

To get this achievement you need to make your way to the Tavern while in the Peasant chapter, then follow this path:

  • Ask about a side job
  • Pour water into it and pray
  • Scrape the cauldron
  • Come up〡
  • Find out what it is
  • (either choice)
  • (Lute or Sword, does not matter)
  • Discuss the plan
  • (either choice)
  • Announce that it is your merit
  • Agree
  • Prepare to defense
  • Fast straight hit
  • Finish him off

9. Blacksmith — Pass the blacksmith’s challenge

To get this achievement you need to avoid the gold coin given to you, and run away when the bandits make you turn out your pockets. Eventually you will come to the blacksmith’s house.

  • Choose Theory
  • When it’s hot
  • (either choice)
  • Hephaestus

Now you’re the blacksmith’s apprentice.

10. Beggar — Get into the city through the sewers

To complete this achievement, start as a Bandit:

  • Prepare
  • Participate in training
  • Go to the royal road
  • Attack
  • Wait a moment
  • Give part to the poor
  • Take refuge in the forest
  • Throw an epic kegger
  • Investigate
  • Investigate
  • Move on
  • Say hello
  • Listen
  • Whirlpool?
  • (either choice)
  • (either choice)
  • Go Away
  • Find out what the key is
  • Go away
  • Rest
  • Enter the sewers and follow the path: RIGHT, LEFT, then RIGHT.

Now you’re in the city.

11. Townsman — Enter the city through the main gate

To complete this achievement, you need to start as a Blacksmith:

  • Take a serious order
  • Take a hammer
  • Forge along the length
  • Lower the entire blade at once
  • Say that the order is ready
  • Work on
  • (either choice)
  • Run inside
  • Agree
  • Distribute responsibilities
  • Hire more people
  • Ask for a pass
  • Pass the guards

You’re in!

12. Joker — Cheer up the King

To complete this achievement, you need to start as a Townsman:

  • Look around
  • How do I get to the king?
  • (either choice)
  • Search for a place to stay the night
  • Take a closer look
  • Are you talking?
  • Climb inside
  • Relax
  • (either choice)
  • Listen to the rat
  • All Clear
  • Wait
  • Climb in the window
  • Drink the blue potion
  • Drink the yellow potion
  • Drink the red potion
  • Congratulate the rat
  • Meet the artists
  • Agree
  • Choose to play a hero
  • Learn/Teach
  • Perform
  • Improvise
  • Joke
  • Tell a joke
  • Dance

That should get a laugh out of the King.

13. Head Priest — Prevent a fire in the scriptorium

To complete this achievement, work your way back through the path to the Joker achievement until you come to “congratulate the rat.” After congratulating the rat, get acquainted not with the Monks, not the Artists.

  • Get to work
  • Move on
  • Get this volume: XI
  • Choose the left papyrus scroll
  • Sign farfara
  • Crush the grapes
  • Guard
  • Kick away

That’s all. The fire will be prevented and you will move on to the next chapter.

14. Treasure hunter — Complete the trial of the treasury keeper

To complete this achievement, start as either a jester or head priest. Continue playing until you reach the keyhole, then follow the path below:

  • Look inside
  • Break in
  • Scare
  • Chase the villain (receive an apple)
  • Tell the truth
  • It’s my fault
  • Get to work
  • Relax
  • Go
  • Into the tunnel
  • Go straight
  • To the right
  • Inspect the door
  • Crawl forward
  • Inspect the walls
  • Forward
  • Go on
  • Raise the torch
  • “I am the king”
  • Search in your pockets
  • He will take the apple you received earlier and you will be inside the treasury.

15. Like the old song — Ruin a friendship

To complete this achievement, start as a Bandit. Choose the right-hand card 3x and the achievement should pop.

16. Prince of Darkness — Destroy the kingdom

To complete this achievement, you need to break the vial willingly in the final chapter, and then help the devil in every possible way until the end of the game.

17. Erudite— Read the first and second volumes of the book, ‘Victory of Good

One volume is in the adviser’s room – to read it, you must examine the book when you receive the cabinet.

The second volume is in the scriptorium – you can get there and read it after sailing with the captain, where you learn to read and write.

18. Real Hero — Get rid of the demon forever

To get this achievement, start at the Final chapter of the game, at the altar. Side with the demon until you are given the option to go into the forest. Go into the forest and, when given the option, take the vial for yourself and do not give it to the demon. Choose all of the refusal options on the right side of the screen after this, until the end of the game.

19. Loyal Vassal — Help the Prince to imprison the Demon

To get this achievement, you have to take the side of the prince throughout your play-through and help him in every possible way. In the end, you and the prince and the witch will kill the demon together.

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