Choice of Life Middle Ages: All Titles Guide

Titles are put in the order they are shown in-game. The guide will simply take you over the key choices and won’t pay attention to the smaller ones that don’t matter or that simply give or take health from you since most of them are randomized anyway.
Bird Man
Pull the horses tail.

Try getting through the peasant phase without joining the gang or mercenary. That way you won’t have money and so you will have the chance to make the choice “Beg for Money” near the end of the chapter.
Tip about this, you want to “Call the adults” when you bump into the teen hiding in the bushes so you don’t get the coin he has and so avoid getting forced into the gang. There is also a chance you get to choose again between “Call the Guards” and something else in this one call the guards cause the other will take two hearts from you and could kill you.

This time around you want to “Find out who it is” when you bump into the teen hiding so you get the Marked Coin, this helps you join the gang. So later on when they ask for you to follow just go with them and make the two choices “Greet the Leader” and “Apologize”.

Master Blacksmith
Try getting through the peasant phase without joining the gang and that way you will get the chance to get a job offer from the blacksmith. Then you choose “Theory” and follow the answers. “While it’s hot” “The temperature has not yet been discovered” and “Hephaestus”
Tip here is same as Beggar. “Call the adults” when you bump into the teen hiding in the bushes so you don’t get the coin he has and so avoid getting forced into the gang.

Sturdy Fellow
For this you need to fight the gang leader… pretty much lose and get up losing another heart and yet survive.
If you make the right choices you can get there with 5 hearts.
DONT go hunting or at the church cause you lose health. DO get the Marked Coin from the hiding teen. Go in the inn and “Eat” your coin makes this free so select “Pay” to not lose a heart. “Talk with the men” and “Empty your pockets” coin saves your health here as well so no damage taken and then go further and you either “Pick up the rope” or “Inspect everything” to get another heart. Then go with the gang and it doesn’t really matter what you say I think just pick the “Easy task” and don’t do it. Then go back and “Make a suggestion”. Now you “Duel” and just “Dodge” “Block” and “Get up” you lose one heart for each of the three and so you are still alive.

Family Man
For this one you avoid the gang and mercenary. Then don’t beg just “Walk around town” and soon you find the event where you find a coin bag and choose to “Go home” with in NOT the inn.

Mushroom Lover
For this you want to get a job at the inn. Then talk to the shady man and agree to go with him. Once you beat the mage in the cave go “Ask for your share” and you get a Mushroom but we are not done here. You need to go work for the smith “Carry the metal one by one” and “Press Slow” then you can select “Taste mushroom” and “Don’t touch”

Just choose the following.
“Ambush the Road” “Give Knife” “Give Another Order”

Noble Robber
Follow choices.
“Ambush the Road” “Rob Both” “Help Train” “Find Rumors” “Wait” “Wait a Moment” “Give to the poor”

“Open Shop” “Blacksmith” “Make big Order” “Jewelry and Trinkets” that gives you the Jewel and now you just take care of your shop and choose “Keep Trading” both times when it pops up. Then when you see the witch “Greet her”

“Open Shop” “Pottery” “Go right” “Walk around the village”

This one I am really not sure about as I got it by accident… let me know if it’s right or wrong.
“Open Shop” “Pottery” “Go right” “Find the potter” “Mugs” next choice probably doesn’t matter since it changes and then “Decorate you shop”

Costomer Scarer
“Open Shop” “Blacksmith” “Make big Order” “Jewelry and Trinkets” “Other ways of trading” “Offer Discount”

Your choices don’t matter that much so long as you get an okay sword for the knight. Just don’t mess the sword up.
“Prepare” “Along the length” “Lower the whole blade” and just give it. Then no matter what you choose you won’t leave. The rest doesn’t matter just “Run inside” when you see the fire event.

This time you have to mess up the sword and give it. Then “Stay to work” “Talk with the ghost” “Search things” “Grab the furs”

You just “Sleep” after doing the Ghostbuster achievement.

“Open shop” “Pottery” then any way you want and just keep going I don’t think your choice matters until you have to choose “Keep Trading” then “Wholesales” and “High Price”

Holy Bandit
Your goal here is to get to the gates with the Cassock
Go as you please until the “Go to the Royal Route” choice and “Attack” and you get the Cassock by doing so. Now you want to “Wait” and then “Retire” and take the path of the Tradesman choosing “Pottery” and like before, make your way to the “Wholesales” choice to the inn. Then you should be able to just pass the guards because of the Cassock.

This is simple enough just play until you get asked if you want to earn some extra money “Agree” “Wait” “Okay” next one doesn’t matter “Reply”

Master of Disguise
Follow the Actor one and after Replying “Jump out the window” “Hide in the barrel”

Master Sailor
Again continue from the Master of Disguise and the next one doesn’t matter now you want to “Go to the captain” next doesn’t matter and “Drink with sailors”

First Mate
Again… continue from Master Sailor and just choose “Support the captain”

This is kinda long so stick with me…I will be skipping the ones that don’t really matter just stay out of trouble and alive. You want to “Look around” “Search for a place to stay” “Take a closer look” “Where do we go” “Climb inside” the next day “Listen to the rat” “Wait” “Climb inside” I don’t know if any of this can kill you so just go “Black” “Yellow” “Transparent” and we get our Cry Juice “Get out” “Agree” to the play “Hero” “Walk” “Perform” “Improvise” “Cry”

Fire Breathing
This time follow the First mate one and after “Support the captain” “Drink with sailors” yes again. “Try to win” and you get the Bottle of Rum “Agree” to the play and “Villain” “Go” next few don’t matter just choose “Use imagination”

Simple enough… “Refuse” to work. “Surrender” and after you are in prison you want to “Listen” “Help him” and “Run after him” then you just have to “Push him”

Arena Champion
For this you have to take part in all the fights happening in the city. Just make sure you don’t make a choice to lose health. All in all you want to follow the Rat route BUT! make sure you “Lift the bed” while in prison to get the Strength effect. Now you should probably “Kick the rat” cause it might take you extra time and “Agree” to take part in the fights.
First is the Brute Olaf and you want to “Lunge” “Run”
Second is Sly Vladimir “Scare” “Running Strike”
Third Handsom Tristan “Attack” “Give Compliment”

At the very start when you get approached by the drunk guards “Make an indecent gesture” yes that’s all.

Here you want to play until you find the talking rat. You want to not listen to it so go with “Take a closer look” “Where do we go” “Climb inside” “Relax” and then “Get rid of the rat”

And now this time you want to help the rat. So “Search for a place to stay” “Take a closer look” “Are you talking” “Where are we” “Talk to the rat” “Listen to the rat” “What happened” “Wait” “Climb inside” “Black” “Yellow” “Red” “Congratulate the rat”

Continue from the Friend or the Arena Champion and “Meet the monks” and when the time comes for the flower name go with “Farfara”

Just go with “Meet the guests”

The Narrator
You can continue from the Joker. Finish the first feast as you want and just “Make jokes” before the next one and then during the feast “Read jokes” “A story about war” “Story of a lady”

Continue from The Narrator. “Play” chess with the king I don’t think there is a choice anyway. Now you have to beat him so “Move king” “Move Queen” “Move Queen”

This time you just need to “Drink” “Drink” “have another drink” and so you get the Alcoholism effect then you just progress and after the chess match doesn’t matter if you win or lose you select “play” cards and that’s it.

Head Priest
In this one you just want to attend all meetings and try to get all the choices as advisor right. “Listen to advisors” “Prepare” “Proceed to your new duties” “Do things” “Reward masters” “Make everyone sit home” “Northmen” “Go” “Return as it was” “Envoys” and I think that’s all…correct me if I am wrong here.

Political Genius
Head Priest
This should be in the Seer route given above.

Head Priest
And this should be covered by Seer after attending all meetings you get to make your own emblem. You create it and that’s it.

Master of Persuasion
Head Priest
This one you just have to go to the first meeting and when the time comes that almost everyone leaves for war you “Go” and “Royal chambers” they should let you in.

Head Priest
Continue from Master of Persuasion. When they let you in just go with “Wooden door” “Drink”

Head Priest
You want to “Listen to advisors” getting yourself the Eloquence skill. The next few don’t matter just choose to “Walk around” instead of going to the next meeting and “Look in” “Break in” “Shout out” “Scare” “Chace away” I think the next few don’t matter just get to the point where people leave for the war and “Go” “Royal champers” “Ornament door” “Walls” “I am the king” “Search pockets”

Slayer of Kings
Just “Kill the king” when given the choice. It’s pretty early on.

This is a little tricky… there are two ways to get and you basically have to betray the one you choose to follow. The easiest way to do this I think is to go with the king’s side so don’t kill him follow them and all until you get the chance to kill the prince. That puts you on the Devil’s side and so you should get it.

For this you want to go with the choices that put you on the demons side and stick with them until you “Go to the village” and “Reach an agreement”

Witch Hunter
This is kind of pain mostly because you can die easily until you reach the choice to kill the witch. You want to stick with the demon and stay away from choices that will make you lose health mostly because it’s easy to get hurt from things you don’t expect. You just want to “Kill the king” and way later after the village events “Go to the forest” “Look around” “Finish the witch”

You want to not kill the king and “Follow king” you will get caught and about to be executed and let your final words be “Cry” then when the witch shows up “Run away”
Again I am not sure about this one but let me know.

Treasure hunter
Here you don’t kill the king. You side with them and try to stay alive until you have the choice of “search for Excalibur” “Right” “Left” “F-O” “G-E “S-T” and “Raise the torch”

Again you don’t kill the king and this time you go with the “Three viles” choice. You have to answer three questions to get them. “1/10” “It’s a paradox” “1/4”
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  1. For the “Daredevil” title, you can also choose to be a blacksmith and go through normally until the forge is on fire, and choose “Call for Help”. The blacksmith dies but returns to ask you for help. Search his things and return the will to the addressee then choose “Sleep”.


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