Choo-Choo Charles: ‘Dripped Out’ Achievement Guide (All Cans of Paints)

Here is a guide on how to find all 11 cans of paints, which will allow you to get the ‘Dripped Out’ achievement.


All Cans of Paints


Found next to the weapon quest. After you put out the barn, go into it and there will be a can of paint.


According to the plot, you will need to go to the mine. When you enter the mine, keep to the left wall and you will see a passage where there will be a box containing a can of paint. Complete the quest to get the lockpicks first so you can open the crate.


Go down to the water, a can of paint is in one of the wooden buildings.


The can of paint will be at the very top of the building, in a crate.


Another story mission in the mine. If you look directly at the grate behind which there is an egg, you need to go to the left. When you turn the corner, keep to the right of the wall, there will be a passage to a room with a crate. It has a can of paint in it.


The paint can is on the dock, in the upper left corner of the map.


A can of paint is on a bench in the church.


The paint can is on the first floor of the building marked on the screenshot.


Located in the mine. After you take the egg and run away, there will be a crate next to the elevator. It contains a can of paint.


In one side task, you will be sent for cucumbers, next to the entrance to the cave where the cucumbers lie, there will be a tent. Nearby is a can of paint.


It is difficult to add something, everything is shown in the screenshot.

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