Clanfolk: Keyboard Controls

Quick reference for keyboard controls. Blorf said key remapping is planned of course.

  • WASD / arrow keys: pan the camera. ZQSD also works (azerty keyboards).
  • RRotate an object before placing it.
  • V: Stop the selected entity (item, object, blueprint, animal or Clanfolk).
  • X: Break down the selected item or object (or dump contents in the case of bowls, jugs and buckets).
  • CCrate the selected object and move it somewhere else. Right click if you just want to crate it.
  • PPriority Boost the selected entity.
  • B: Go to Blueprint (make a copy of the selected item/object).

    Skills menu:

  • T: move selected skill to the Top
  • G: disable selected skill
  • B: move selected skill to the Bottom

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