Coffee Talk: “Barista Guru” Achievement Guide 2021

Guide to get “Barista Guru” Achievement With tips and tool.


How to Get “Barista Guru” Achievement

To get the achievement of “Barista Guru” you have to satisfy 50 orders in the challenge mode, knowing that pausing the game also stops the timer, these orders are divided into 4 types and are in order:

1) List of ingredients separated by commas (eg: Coffee, Coffee, Lemon)
In this case it is as easy as adding the ingredients in the order listed.

2) A drink whose name includes ingredients (eg: Lemon Mint Tea, Honey Coffee)
Use the last ingredient as a base (tea or coffee in the example)
If you have 3 ingredients listed, just put the first and second as named. (Lemon and then mint in the example)
In case you have 2 ingredients listed, put the last ingredient as the primary and the first ingredient as the secondary. (Coffee and then honey in the example)

3) Name a specific drink (eg, Jahe Tubruk)
Find the recipe and serve it.
I leave a page with the recipes listed:

4) 1 or more beverage quality (eg, Less Sweet, Extra Warm)
There is not much left here but to find the recipe and serve.
For this I leave you first a list with all the possible recipes and their qualities:
Second, a tool that gives you a recipe with the qualities that you ask for:
Keep in mind that not all combinations of qualities are possible and that there is a small possibility that the game will make you an impossible request, so if the list or the tool does not give you a recipe, simply serve anything and pass. to the next.

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