Coffee Talk Episode 2 Hibiscus & Butterfly: 100% Achievements & Day Drink Guide

Here’s a guide that lists out all the best drinks for each customer by day, along with the achievements and how you can earn them.

*NOTE: This is still a work in progress. I’ll remove this note once I earn all the achievements in the game and have them in this guide*



Thank you for reading this guide! I hope it helps a lot. There can and will be some gameplay differences throughout the game, as every time you repeat the game on the same file, there will be some minor changes. Some of the big changes are if you get the drinks correctly on the first try or not, and sometimes it’s fun to see how the wrong drink impacts the story! Unlike with the first game, you can now give customers items that are kept behind the counters, so when there’s an item to be given, I will note that as well. As you go throughout the game, I recommend saving before prepping any drinks, in case you make something incorrect. This way you don’t have to restart the entire day multiple times. (I learned this the hard way…)

The more you get drinks correct, you’ll learn more about each visitor to the coffee shop on the Tomodachill app on the in-game phone, not only through the “Friends” tab, where you see everyone’s profile, but also through the “Stories” tab which changes every day. The “Stories” tab will vary based on the previous day’s choices – if you made drinks correctly vs. incorrectly. Brewpad will also be helpful for drinks, though I will be listing ingredients as well for each drink order as well.

Throughout this guide, I will do my best to note which drink is the best option at the time, so that I can be as accurate as possible for being the best barista you can be in Coffee Talk. I will also list achievements after the customers, so you can try to get the achievements as well. I’ll list all achievements on the day that they can be earned, but some of them will require multiple play-throughs with different choices. And now, onto the guide!

Thee be warned, there’s spoilers ahead!

Day 1: Tuesday, Sept. 19th


Jorji: (returning character)
– requests: willing to try any of the new items. Remember, Jorji doesn’t drink milk!
– Drink: “Butterfly Pea” (Blue Tea, Blue Tea, Blue Tea) (Note: remember whichever drink you make for Day 15)
– Item: a postcard from Freya.

Lucas: (new character)
– Request: willing to try something strong without coffee in it
– Drink: “Macha” (Green Tea, Green Tea, Green Tea)

Riona: (new character)
– Request: a Blue Pea Latte with art
– Drink: “Blue Pea Latte” (Blue Tea, Milk, Milk) with some art. (Note: Be sure to hit the “Latte Art” button and click around a few times on the drink [or designing some proper latte art] before giving it to her.)


– At the end of the night, after everyone leaves, you’ll find a lost item that will be saved in the drawer for later. (This is Jorji’s lighter)


– Welcome to Coffee Talk – Start a new game
– First Bew – Brew your first drink
– Let me Start Over – Trash your drink for the first time
– It’s a Masterpiece! – Create and serve your first latte art
– Is this it? – Serve the wrong drink for the first time
– Failed Messenger – Forget to give items to the intended recipients at least once

Day 2: Wednesday, Sept. 20th


– Request: asks for a “Café Latte with lots of honey”.
– Drink: “Bee’n Buzzy” (Coffee, Honey, Milk)

Myrtle: (returning character)
– Request: asks for a spiced Milk Tea, but can’t remember the name
– Drink: “Shai Adeni” (Tea, Lemon, Cinnamon)

Aqua: (returning character)
– Request: will see the Blue Pea on the shelf and shares that she drinks that a lot with a lot of mint
– Drink: “Aqua’s Tranquilitea” (Blue Pea, Mint, Mint)

Myrtle: (Note: This is if Aqua does not order a drink)
– Request: asks for a spiced Milk Tea with cinnamon, and remembers it’s from Yemen
– Drink: “Shai Adeni” (Tea, Lemon, Cinnamon)


– Aqua will not order if you get Myrtle’s drink wrong, and Myrtle will order a second time.
– Lucas will leave you with two items from him, to give to Riona. (Note: Depending on which item you give her later, will change the outcome of the story, since you can only give one item per drink.)


– “Overflowing Warmth: CABW” – Serve Myrtle and/or Aqua correct drinks on Day 2
– Bad Review – Give Lucas incorrect drinks on his first three visits.

Day 3: Thursday, Sept. 21st


Lua: (returning character)
– Request: something warm and cozy, but will help her sleep
– Drink: “Pink Spice” (Hibiscus, Milk, Cinnamon)

Amanda: (new character)
– Request: first drink on Earth to be “An experience we shall never forget.”
– Drink: “Blue Lightening” (Blue Pea, Ginger, Ginger)

 (returning character; was Neil)
– Request: something new, not too strong, with sweet, floral, and refreshing tastes, and colored blue.
– Drink: “Flowerbed” (Blue Pea, Honey, Mint)


– We learn that you snag an ID card off of the agent, which you can decide later to give to Silver.

Day 4: Friday, Sept. 22nd


Rachel: (returning character)
– Request: colorful non-coffee Latte with honey
– Drink: “Sweetheart Latte” (Hibiscus, Milk, Honey), “Dreamin’ Blue” (Blue Pea, Milk, Honey), “Milk Honey Green Tea” (Green Tea, Milk, Honey), or “Lemony Snippet” (Milk, Honey, Lemon) (Note: each of these drinks will earn you achievements on Day 13.)

– Request: a Blue Latte with a hint of sweetness
– Drink: “Dreamin’ Blue” (Blue Pea, Milk, Honey)
– Item: the contact information card from Lucas

Gala: (returning character)
– Request: his usual – mix of tea, milk, and ginger
– Drink: “Gala Had” (Tea, Milk, Ginger)
– Item: the fidget spinner from Lucas.


– Before closing up shop, you find a lost keycard on a lanyard. This is most likely Gala’s.


– What’s This? – give Riona the fidget spinner from Lucas instead of the card
– Child’s Play – Give Gala the fidget spinner.
– Fellow Influencer – Give Lucas’s contact info/fidget spinner to Rachel

Day 5: Saturday, Sept. 23rd


– Request: a black coffee that’s lightly sweetened, and his lighter back!
– Drink: “Sweet Coffee” (Coffee, Coffee, Honey)
– Item: his lighter

Hyde: (returning character)
– Request: asks for a red drink that’s bold
– Drink: “Hibiscus Tea” (Hibiscus, Hibiscus, Hibiscus) (Note: there’s no pleasing him here.)
– Item: Gala’s Keycard

– Request: something based off a Pumpkin Latte with what you have
– Drink: “Cinnamon Latte” (Coffee, Milk, Cinnamon)


– Hyde notices that Jorji left his lighter behind once again., and he’ll give it back to you.


– Good Review – Give Lucas all the correct drinks
– Bad Memory – Forget to give Jorji his lighter back
– Save $100 – Prevent Gala from getting fined (Note: Hyde will meet with Gala later in the evening and will give him the keycard the, preventing Gala from ordering a new one)

Day 6: Sunday, Sept. 24th


– Request: mentions a headache and asks for a strong coffee with spice, though nothing specific
– Drink: “Jingle Beans” (Coffee, Coffee, Cinnamon)

– Request: wants something spicy, to get the sweetness of the couple out of his mouth. (From Lua and Baileys being overly lovey)
– Drink: “Zobo” (Hibiscus, Ginger, Ginger)

Baileys: (returning character)
– Request: wants something comforting and decides on chocolate with honey and milk
– Drink: “Chocobee Miruku” (Chocolate, Honey, Milk)


– We learn that Hyde knew we would not make a drink to his specifications on the previous day.


– Blood(ish) Red – Serve Hyde his favored hibiscus drink. (Note: this would be the “Zobo”)
– We are all friends – Meet all the main characters

Day 7: Monday, Sept. 25th


– Request: his very first earth drink, which was a bitter and tart coffee drink
– Drink: “Black Lemon” (Coffee, Coffee, Lemon)
– Item: Agent’s ID card (Optional)

– Request: hot and comforting, very sweet, and one for Silver as well.
– Drink: “Honey Tea” (Tea, Honey, Honey) (Note: This is not in Brewpad. Tea is the warmest base drink, and honey adds the sweetness that they’re looking for.)


– Pay close attention to the lines that are spoken by your character after everyone in the café has left.


– Master Purloiner – Steal the Agent’s key card and give it to Silver

Day 8: Tuesday, Sept. 26th


– Request: an Indonesian drink, with milk and honey, called STMJ
– Drink: “STMJ” (Milk, Ginger, Honey)
– Item: Don’t forget his keycard!

– Request: a cup of Russian Tea
– Drink: “Russian Tea” (Tea, Lemon, Cinnamon)

– Request: the strongest Espresso, and his lighter
– Drink: “Espresso” (Coffee, Coffee, Coffee)
– Item: his lighter

– Request: something dessert-y, a Spanish hot cocoa that’s thick, with milk
– Drink: “Spanish Sahara” (Chocolate, Milk, Ginger)

– Request: red flower tea with ginger and a touch of honey
– Drink: “Teh Jahe Rosella” (Hibiscus, Ginger, Honey)

Riona: (Note: Lucas orders for her)
– Request: Blue Pea base, lot of mint, and splash of lemon.
– Drink: “Galaxy Min-Tea” (Blue Pea, Mint, Lemon)


– We get to hear more about the world of Coffee Talk, with different species and what it was like in the past, along with some interesting facts about fairies and banshees.

Day 9: Wednesday, Sept. 27th


– Request: a “Gala Had”, but no caffeine and maybe blue
– Drink: “Gala Tea” (Blue Pea, Milk, Ginger)

– Request: anything he’s enjoyed before, either recently or when from first meeting.
– Drink: “Jahe Tubruk” (Coffee, Coffee, Ginger) or “Zobo” (Hibiscus, Ginger, Ginger) (Note: both drinks will get the same reaction from Hyde. “Jahe Tubruk” is the first drink served to Hyde in the first game.)


– Request: Lemon and Honey for a sore throat.
– Drink: “Cough Syrup” (Green Tea, Lemon, Honey)

Day 10: Thursday, Sept. 28th


– Request: the magical drink you suggest, of coffee, honey, and lemon
– Drink: “Queimada” (Coffee, Honey, Lemon)
– Item: his lighter

– Request: tea, with lemon and a touch of honey
– Drink: “Midsummer Night’s Dream” (Tea, Lemon, Honey)


– A Hardboiled Advice – Unlock conversation with Detective McQueen (Note: This might be only if you serve Jorji the “queimada” drink. I unlocked this on my first run.)

Day 11: Friday, Sept. 29th


– Request: Butterfly Pea or Hibiscus with milk and honey
– Drink: “Dreamin’ Blue” (Blue Pea, Milk, Honey) or “Sweetheart Latte” (Hibiscus, Milk, Honey) (Note: either of the two drinks will have the same reaction from Baileys)

– Request: something they’ve never had before, and no reusing previous ingredients.
– Drink: “Pink Spice” (Hibiscus, Milk, Cinnamon) (Note: any drink will do, as long as it doesn’t contain: Blue Pea, Ginger, Tea, or Honey)

– Request: sweet, soothing, and adventurous; hot chocolate with sweetness and spice
– Drink: “299.792.458” (Chocolate, Honey, Ginger)


– As long as you’ve helped Baileys and Lua with serving the right drinks, Baileys will invite you to their wedding which is in three days’ time.
– Baileys will give you Hyde’s invitation, which extends to Gala as well.


– 40,075Km – Complete Amanda’s good story arc (ver. 1) (Note: this is probably due to giving Silver the Agent’s ID card)
– Guest of Honor – Be invited to Lua and Baileys’s wedding

Day 12: Saturday, Sept. 30th


– Request: cup of Chai
– Drink: “Masala Chai” (Tea, Ginger, Cinnamon)

Hendry: (returning character)
– Request: one STMJ
– Drink: “STMJ” (Milk, Ginger, Honey)

– Request: anything with Ginger; takes Hendry’s recommendation for Teh Jahe Rosella
– Drink: “Teh Jahe Rosella” (Hibiscus, Ginger, Honey)
– Item: Hyde’s invite to the wedding


– Request: one Espresso
– Drink: “Espresso” (Coffee, Coffee, Coffee)


– Unsolicited Bouncer – Don’t give Gala Hyde’s invite to the wedding

Day 13: Sunday, Oct. 1st


– Request: a cup of milk
– Drink: “Milk” (Milk, Milk, Milk)

– Request: something with Blue Pea, and no Milk or Ginger.
– Drink: “Flowerbed” (Blue Pea, Honey, Mint) (Note: any of these will work: “Flowerbed”, “Aqua’s Tranquilitea”, “Galaxy Mint-Tea”, or “Butterfly Pea”)


– First Love – Serve Rachel “Sweetheart Latte” when she needs inspiration
– Wistful Nights – Serve Rachel “Dreamin’ Blue” when she needs inspiration
– Comfortable With You – Serve Rachel “Milk Honey Green Tea” when she needs inspiration
– Nothing to show… – Fail to inspire Rachel with your drink
– (Note: these four achievements are based on what you served Rachel on Day 4.)

Day 14: Monday, Oct. 2nd


Lua: (Note: She orders for everyone)
– Request: Sweet and chocolatey, with freshness
– Drink: “After Midnight” (Chocolate, Honey, Mint)


– As everyone leaves, there’s some interesting lines spoken by your character before the day ends.


– Just Married – Complete Lua and Baileys’s good story arc (Note: you get this from serving all drinks correctly)
– Hyde Leibovitz – Complete Hyde’s good story arc (Note: you get this from serving all drinks correctly)

Day 15: Tuesday, Oct. 3rd

– Request: the new drink we served him a few weeks ago. (Note: This is the drink you served him on Day 1)
– Drink: “Butterfly Pea” (Blue Tea, Blue Tea, Blue Tea)

– Request: A Blue Pea Latte with latte art on top
– Drink: “Blue Pea Latte” (Blue Pea, Milk, Milk) or “Five Stars” (Green Tea, Honey, Milk) (Note: “Blue Pea Latte” is not a specialty drink registered in the brewpad; “Five Stars” will unlock an achievement)

– Request: cup of mild coffee, sweetened with a lot of honey
– Drink: “Honey Coffee” (Coffee, Honey, Honey) (Note: This is not a specialty drink registered in the brewpad)

Freya: (returning character)
– Request: an espresso, just like her first day ever in the cafe
– Drink: “Espresso” (Coffee, Coffee, Coffee)


– After serving Freya her drink, the credits will roll.
– Post-Credits Scene: Riona will enter the shop, stating she was looking for something she left after her first visit. After a short conversation she leaves, though during the conversation, she hints at you replaying the game. Then there’s a strange noise, and all the items that went missing over the course of the story suddenly reappear back in the drawer.


– Tender Soul – Complete Jorji’s good story arc once (Note: you get this from serving all drinks correctly)
– A Budding Partnership – Complete Lucas and Riona’s normal story arcs (Note: you get this from serving all drinks correctly, and giving Riona the paper item from Lucas on Day 4)
– One Way to Find out – Play the story mode to conclusion once
– “Five Stars!” – Serve Lucas the drink “Five Stars!” during his “Reviewer’s Test”

More Information/Achievements

Post-Story Information:

At this point, I has about half of the achievements in the game, and had to go back to replay the story a few times to get the others. I’ll note down the differences as I do that, but I wanted to get this guide posted now so others could have the correct drinks. I’ll be editing this over time, but feel free to leave any comments or questions! I love hearing from you guys.

Additional Achievements:

Easy Achievements:

– Art takes time – Spend a total of 1 hour making Latte Art
(Note: the counter shows in seconds and counts all latte art time over the course of playing, but if you want, you can leave the game open on the latte art screen while you do something else for an hour)

Barista Trainee – Serve 10 correct drinks in a single session of challenge mode

Barista Expert – Serve 25 correct drinks in a single session of challenge mode

Barista Guru – Serve 50 correct drinks in a single session of challenge mode

True Fan – Unlock Aremy x Nekochel’s whole album (Note: this will be from the drinks served on Day 4, as they affect which song you get from the story line)
– Not So Hot Business – Complete the story mode with the least amount of points possible (Note: get every drink wrong to earn this achievement)
– Local Favorite – Ensure everyone gets the right drink (Note: get every order right at least once.)
– Master Brewer – Unlock all the special drinks (Note: at least three drinks are story-locked. They are:
– Art Connoisseur – Unlock all the artworks in the Gallery (Note: you earn these as you go through the story multiple times)
– Thank you for Playing – Unlock all the achievements.

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  1. Hello! I just wanted to say that for Day 2 when you make Myrtles drink. The guide you gave for that one is a bit incorrect. Your guide says “Myrtle: (returning character)
    – Request: asks for a spiced Milk Tea, but can’t remember the name
    – Drink: “Shai Adeni” (Tea, Lemon, Cinnamon)”. For “– Drink: “Shai Adeni” (Tea, Lemon, Cinnamon)”. You added Lemon instead of milk. Russian Tea contains lemon, not Shai Adeni. It was just one simple mistake. I almost put the wrong tea! LOL. I love your guide though, keep it up! Thank u for this wonderful guide, it helped me gain a lot of achievements that I was stuck on. <3

  2. on day 5, if you give Hyde a Hibiscus, Lemon, Mint (in that order) you gain a pleasure(?) point with him. Which contradicts what was said in the guide. (This doesn’t include Gala’s Keycard, as I forgot to give it to him.)


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