College Kings 2 Act 1: Taskmaster Achievement Guide

Guide on completing Taskmaster Achievement


The Taskmaster Achievement Guide

Step 1: Act 1 Part
Step 2: KCT Loyal (DO NOT LOCK REP!!!)
Step 3: Wolves
Step 4:
1. Chloe – Girlfriend
2. Lauren – FWB
3. Penelope – Loyal
4. Autumn – Loyal
5. Aubrey – FWB
6. Amber – FWB
7. Riley – FWB

To be honest, this can be done a number of ways, below is a step-by-step that is 100% guarenteed, but this is the general guidelines:
1. Get Amber off of drugs, make sure she trusts you. Any options of empathy, use them.
2. Do not make fun of Lauren. Buy her Brown horse for her birthday.
3. Treat Penelope like the queen she is (@me bros) and do not go swimming with Jenny.
4. Do not go swimming with Jenny!!!!
5. Be as friendly to Autumn as possible and smoke weed with her. Do not stare at her glorious rear or you will not get the option to smoke with her.
6. Lauren must be set to FWB. You cannot kiss Autumn if you are Relationship status’d with Lauren.
7. Start party with KCT-Loyal. It should not change from loyal at this point in the story, but it needs to be loyal.

Note: Guide also includes agree to disagree and pumpkin achivement

Example of how to get achievement. Select the bolded option.

Riley: He Did / He Didn’t

Riley: Like us both / Pick one of us

Imre: It’s genius / It’s idiotic

Chloe: I’ll help / I don’t have time

Lauren: Joke / Compliment

Lauren: make fun of her / Compliment her

Lauren: help Lindsey / Don’t help Lindsey

Lauren: ask her to sabotage / Don’t ask her

Lindsey: help Lindsey / Don’t help Lindsey

Chloe Planning Board – Phase 1
Announce the wolves as official brotherhood of the chicks
Photoshoot with real wolf / Photoshoot with plush toy wolf

Autumn: It was great / It was alright

Autumn: We should hang out more / It was nice catching up

Chloe: That does kinda suck / Don’t worry about it

Chloe: Continue / Pull back

Chris: That’s very selfless / It sounds inconsiderate

Chris: Agree / Disagree

MC: Agree with Chris / Agree with Chloe ** Unlocks Achivement

MC: Twezzlers / Gummy Fish

** Achivement for Twezzlers If I remember correctly.

Amber: Nice pills you got there / what are those amber?

Amber: I’m sorry / what a ♥♥♥♥

Amber: Empathize with her / stay quiet

Amber: No more drugs, Amber / Let Amber be Amber

Amber: That’s a lot of pressure / Of course

Amber: Let her stay / Move away

Emily: Of course / can we speak here?

Emily: Stay calm / be angry

Chloe: standing next to the plush / Holding the plush and cheering

Chloe: It’s perfect / What about something else

Jenny: accept jenny’s invite / Decline Jenny’s invite

Penelope: hey princess / hey penelope

Penelope: Greet / Greet with Compliment

Penelope: Be serious / laugh

Penelope: same here / focus on us

Penelope: I’d wait / Hell yeah

Penelope: I wouldn’t have changed a thing / Sex would’ve been nice

Imre: work with penelope / Work with riley

Penelope: romantic scene / argument scene

Elijah: Chloe / Lindsey

Elijah’s hot mom: Introduce yourself / I’m Eli’s Friend

Imre: : She was pretty hot / Meh not my type

Amber: make a joke / Be supportive

Nora: Doesn’t matter which text

Imre: Of course I know / A monkey?

Imre: Stick up for Nora / Say nothing

Autumn SMS: Uhm, sure. / Of course! I’ll always be …

Autumn: Offer to help / Say hello

Autumn: You think you’re funny / I want one

Autumn: Agree / Flirt

Autumn: Good Luck / We Will

Autumn: No don’t change it / Yeah let’s change it

Autumn: Make a joke / Look at her ass

** Look at it and roll it to unlock achievement if you haven’t somehow done this one yet.

Autumn: Pop a balloon / Keep working

Autumn: Threaten owner / comfrot oscar

Autumn: Smoke weed / Don’t smoke

Chloe Phase II
Less Tuition for Chicks
Either Option

Aubrey: as friends / As your date

Imre: Agree with Imre / Dismiss Imre

MC: Eat Donut / Don’t eat donut
** Achievement if you don’t have it

Shopping for Lauren: Brown Horse

Imre: I’m not interested / Looks easy

NOTE: Party order honestly doesn’t matter

Amber: don’t mention list / Mention list

Riley: Dance / Don’t Dance

Riley: No it’s fine / Yeah, I do

Autumn/Penelope: Good thing I’m a werewolf / Your secret is safe

Autumn/Penelope: Show the list / Don’t show the list

Ryan: gag / Hold it back

Lauren and Imre screen: Click the pumpkin until it gives you the achievement

Aubrey: We’ll have fun / I’ll be there

Aubrey: Smile / Don’t smile

Aubrey: Mention the list / Don’t mention the list

Lauren: With Reason / No, I wouldn’t

Lauren: Be Honest / Lie

End Free Roam on Lauren

Aubrey: Keep her quiet / Let her be loud

MC: Steal the panties / Don’t steal the panties

Penelope: Don’t interrupt / Save Penelope

Penelope: Ask for Help / Tell her the list is stupid

Ryan: Take condom / Don’t take it

Autumn: Nevermind / Let’s make out

Lauren: The balcony is better / Bigger the better

End Free Roam

Lauren: Try to Have Sex / Don’t Try

** Achievement Unlocked

If you did everything above right, you should have the achievement

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