Conquest of Elysium 5: How to Enter the New Realms

Here is a simple guide on how to enter the new realms in Conquest of Elysium 5.


How to Enter the New Realms

Hades remains the most class-locked one, but the rest are obtainable by other classes using some items like the Portable Pit.
Warlock still is the best Planar Explorer around though. Arguably better than before.

Edit: Forgot about sky since it’s so easy to get into. Just climb on a mountain peak, magic beanstalk, rainbow or fly. You can also plant your own magic beans if you get the item.

Primal – It’s connected with Celestial, Elemental and Aztlan. I found it easiest to get into through Elemental, thanks to Warlock’s new ritual to transport into the water plane. The southern-most gate in the Nexus area leads to the Primal plane. There’s a lot of portals here, the ones near the void border lead you to the central island, while the ones close to the central ocean lead into different planes. There’s 4 of each type of portal, but the bottom right ‘planar’ portal doesn’t work for me.

Celestial – Again, connected with Primal, so that’s one way of getting in. If you dig your way to Inferno or cause apocalypse via El, a couple turns afterwards a gate to Celestial plane will open in Elysium.

Aztlan – It’s a bit bugged. I could only get in through aforementioned Primal plane. It should connect with Sky, Hades, Primal and Inferno – I got in through Primal, tried the Sky portal and failed, Hades portal led me to the upper-left corner of the Hades map (surrounded by Void) so couldn’t proceed and only the Infernal and Primal portals worked properly.

Other than that, there’s random scrolls that you can get either from the merchant or by crafting with Enchanter or the Elder Cyclops Warlock summon. Heavenly Ascension scrolls seemed pretty common for me, but it might be RNG.
A couple times when I bought maps (Abyssal map for example) it teleported me into Hades, while displaying a message like “Something was wrong with that map”.

There’s also a new Fairy Circle mechanic, where it teleports you to an Ancient Forest if you stand on it in Early summer and skip turn to Midsummer. I was thinking maybe that’s related to another way of getting into the Primal plane, but don’t have the patience to trial and error something that either has a low probability or doesn’t exist at all.

By Akylon

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