Coromon: How to Beat John’s Challenge Easily

Having trouble trying to beat John’s Challenge in Vlamma? This is the easiest way to win the challenge!



Any time after arriving at Vlamma, you can head east of the town and initiate John’s Challenge. He requires you to defeat a wild Coromon that is at least 3 times the level of your own. The following are all of the requirements for the challenge:


Many people seem to think specific Coromon with specific traits are required for this challenge… NOT SO!!!

After trying various people’s suggestions I found this setup to be the absolute easiest. Unfortunately, with every strategy it does require some amount of RNG, but this by far has the most forgiving level of RNG of any other strategy.

1. Any Coromon that can learn Splash (Skill Flash 45) – this requirement is so simple. I’m not sure of every Coromon that can learn Splash, but I’d assume most water Coromon and a handful of others. Even if you are playing on insane, it is very likely you have picked up a Coromon along the way that can use this. Also, you get Skill Flash 45 for free from reaching level 50 on the trainer milestones. ALSO, this Coromon should be at a level no greater than 11.

2. Skill Flash 45 – obviously
3. 1 Cado Fruit

4. 1 Frigid Scent

Finally, I strongly suggest turing on Easy wild Coromon battles in the settings.

Getting Started

You may have noticed that the rules for the challenge include having no held items on your Coromon. I believe Fruits are exempt from this rule because I used this exact strategy and successfully completed the challenge. Perhaps it is because the Cado Fruit is used up during the fight. Regardless, I won’t complain.

1. Make sure your level 11 or lower Coromon with Splash is in your party. Give it a Cado Fruit to hold.
2. Make your way to the same map section where John gave you the challenge (This is the only place the challenge can be completed!)

3. Use a Frigid Scent.

At this point I suggest saving your game.

4. Now you are looking for a wild Ruptius. They are fairly common but it may take you a few mintues to get one in the position you need. When the battle starts you will be able to see if the wild Coromon is frozen from the Frigid Scent as it will flash briefly. Unfortunately you won’t be able to see the wild Coromon’s level until you choose your own fighter, but I never saw a Ruptius under level 34 so as long as your Coromon is at most level 11, you should be fine.

5. As soon as you get a frozen Ruptius you can immediately begin spamming Splash. You will get a free first turn because it will be frozen. Optimally Ruptius will use Heatwave its second turn which will not damage you and give you another free hit. On the third turn it won’t matter what it uses because you will tank any damaging move it uses because of your Cado Fruit. As long as your Coromon hits all three Splashes, you win! You may also luck out and the wild Ruptius may miss one of its damaging moves.

Final Thoughts

It is possible you could use this same strategy with other wild Coromon in the area, but Ruptius is by far the easiest. Multi hit moves will bypass the Cado Fruit’s tanking ability, such as Acie’s multi bolt attack and Blazitaur’s heated horns. This strategy may be viable against Blazitaur, Pyrochick and Gildwing in addition to Ruptius, but I haven’t tested it against any of them.

I completed this challenge with a level 11 Gella on Insane Difficulty while also doing a no Coromon fainted run.

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