Coromon: Tips for Getting to Research Level 100

Gameplay loop for completing Milestones in order to hit Research Level 100 for the achievement.



Getting to Research Level 100 involves completing Milestones to get Research XP. The main method for getting enough XP to reach Level 100 will involve a sustainable gameplay loop detailed in the next section.

Main Gameplay Loop

To keep it simple, there are several repeatable Milestones that you should focus on. A lot of these can be done in conjunction with trying to catch every Coromon for Who’s the Hoarder Now?, or catching every Potent/Perfect Coromon if you’re into that.

Note: It’s assumed you’re doing this in the postgame, meaning it won’t really be feasible to rely on the Duelist milestone (defeat Battle Researchers) for XP.

Items you’ll need

 Potent Scent

These increase your chances of encountering Potent Coromon to about 1 in 30, and Perfect Coromon to about 1 in 1,000. (For the Biologist / Zoologist / Purist / Perfectionist milestones.)

  • By the end of the game, if you didn’t really use your Potent Scents, you should have around 10 of them stockpiled. You can always brew more in the swamp, and you’ll get them every once in a while as you level up your Research Level. (Even at the end of this process, I have 17 left.)

 Trick Spinners

The best Spinner type for your purpose (catching Coromon on Turn 1). You can buy these at several shops.

 Golden Spinners

The next best Spinner type, if the Trick Spinner doesn’t work on Turn 1. You can buy these at several shops.

 Ber Fruit

For triggering the Snacker milestone. You can grow these (which helps with the Botanist milestone) or you can buy them from the Fruit dealer in Darudic.

  • Any of the ‘increase Skill Power’ Fruits will also work, but Ber Fruit is my favorite because it’s the easiest to proc — it just happens when you enter a battle.

1. Get a Level 99 Coromon that can one-shot everything.

2. Bind Ber Fruit to the quick-access menu.

3. Set Difficulty to ‘Easy’ so that shop items are cheaper (Spinners, Fruit).

4. Set Text Speed to ‘3x’, Always Sprint to ‘On’, and Game Speed to ‘2x’.

Relevant milestones


Thesis: Do a bunch of battles, activate some Modules, catch Potent & Perfect Coromon, grow some Fruit, eat some Fruit… repeat.

When it comes to the Brawler vs. Collector milestones, it probably makes more sense to focus on Brawler, because it’s quicker & cheaper to defeat every wild Coromon than it is to catch them.

Remember: Always have a Potent Scent active.

Ideal actions to repeat (order will vary)

1. Pick an area that has Coromon for which you haven’t found the Potent/Perfect forms.
2. Activate the STINK module on a new patch of grass (that you don’t intend to use).
3. Activate the AROMA module on a new patch of grass.
4. Quick-equip a Ber Fruit to your lead party member via the quick-access item bind menu.
5. Find a wild battle.
6. Defeat the Coromon, or catch it if it’s Potent/Perfect.
7. Repeat as needed.

When you have no more grass patches to use modules on, you could migrate to a new area. You can also migrate if you catch all the Potent/Perfect forms in the area.

Following this general loop, you’ll continually complete all the different milestones listed and gain a lot of XP.

Extra Tips

If you’re doing this over the course of a few days, remember to end every session by planting and/or harvesting some Ber Fruits in a few locations. Just remember where you plant them. When you return, you can harvest them.

It’s also worth doing some of the non-repeatable Milestones, as they give a good amount of XP (if you didn’t already complete them through normal gameplay). This one for example:

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