Corpse Party (2021): Chapter 1 Map

Map with labelled name tags and items. Hopefully should make following 100% guides a whole lot easier.


Fully labelled map

3F = Uppermost floor
1F = Lowest floor
Images are ordered going descending from 3F to 1F.
Every tag and item is labelled on the map.


To get into 3-A you first have to pick up the “Unknown Key” from the west staircase leading from 2F to 3F.
I’ve seen some guides that say Asuka Kato (Classroom 5-A) doesn’t spawn if you explore the third floor before exploring the first floor. Sasha Shinonome (3F Main Building – East Hall) also seems to follow the same conditions.
Every puddle location is also labelled in the infirmary during the ghost event.

All victim’s memoirs are labelled 1 through to 5 in the order they spawn in. To make the next one spawn you have to pick up the previous one.

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