Cosmoteer Starship Architect & Commander: Sun Mining Guide (How to Fetch Asteroids from the Red Zone)

When you fly near the sun, sometimes you see the awesome materials as rocks inside the red field. (TR,AU,C,U)
You cannot mine there, because should does not apply to persons in spacesuits. ( They direct die )

Have a Tractor-Beam and a lot of shields MKI and MKII
It is possible with only one Traktor-Beam. with Round about 90 crew member.
Oh of course it makes only sense, when you realy need resources.


Why – Intension ?

Some resources are rare to get them in a good amount, like U,C,AU,TR.
When you fly by the suns red zone of damage, you will sometimes see those rare materials in a bigger amount on rocks. But you cannot mine the or get near enought without killing your ship.

“How to get them” will be shown in this guide.

Principle of the Shield-Beam-Ship

Overlaping shields MKI and MKII are must have, if you can Navigate well then you not need to create a bouble around the entire ship. The direction to the sund is the damage retriving side. Even behind rocks.


The most important thing is, you need to keep those shields alive. As much the shield amount is growing you need to spend in energy generation. The consumption of an shield arc is getting highter than the 0.1 or 0.2 per second, as soon as the shields getting damage,

Shields – Damage?

In the moment the first part of the ship which is not a shield enter the red line. Is a shield arc between it and the sun, the shield will take first damage.

How much damage ?
As you get more near to the sun, the shield consumption raise. So navigate first manual to test, befor you lose ship.


One Beam need 4 crew-member and some guys to bring energy. The beam is on near maximum range more efficient, because the effect can touch the whole target.

Pull out

You can setup the autonaivation to hold a specific position. Care also about the correct rotation angle and thrust direction. Set the beam to pull and watch it slowy moving.

Pull in ?!

You can missuse the beam to pull sometime other ships into the suns range. This will not be noted as an attack , but you can navigate the target to break the comand bringe. Free loot

Example Traktor-Beam-Ship

I wanted to improve the pull and push velocity so this version is with 2 parallel beams

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