Cozy Grove: 100% Achievement Guide

In this guide I will show you how to get your achievements quicker without having to wreck your head thinking on how to get them.
Something to keep in mind about this game is that it takes your PC’s time and day so try not to alter anything to fast-forward things because that will crash the game and you’ll lose your advances and you’ll have to start again.


Main concepts

I’ll give you an introduction to what you need to keep in mind to progress in the game:

  • Contains different seasons.
  • Missions are limited by day.
  • Time according to your computer’s.
  • Day changes at 6AM.
  • Day counter.
  • Gameplay goes on between 2-3 hours per day. (More details below)

The first couple of days, the rule of “2-3 hours playing daily” could not applicable because some achievements do not have a specific time requirement, for example fishing, but it depends on how you decide to play.

Quick Achievements

Let’s start with some easily obtainable achievements:

As its name indicates, after finishing the tutorial you obtain it.

The next 4 achievements can be obtained quickly if you know how to get gold fast. (I’ll give you tips for that later on).

These other achievements are part of the previous ones as you recycle a specific object gives you gold. Here are some items you can recycle and what they’re turned into:

  • Any flower–> Tins of flower pigment
  • Quartz gemstones –>Gold
  • Softwood –> Branch
  • Hardwood –> Softwood

In order to complete the following, you could sell any item to the shop NPC:

These achievements don’t require an explanation as it indicates you only need to plant trees, flowers, and decorations:

Achievements obtained with time progression

These achievements could be tedious as they are based on game time or specific dates.

Something you have to take into account is that days are counted every time you enter the game, which means that if you don’t enter for one day, the streak won’t be broken.

The first two are the easiest of these because they’re just about entering the game.

These achievements by seasons are obtained automatically once you enter the game during said season.

  • Summer –> June to August
  • Fall –> September to November
  • Winter –> December to February
  • Spring –> March to May

Story mode

To obtain this mode’s achievements, we have to complete the main and secondary missions assigned:

  • Main missions: do not have time limit.
  • Secondary missions: they disappear once the day in-game ends.

To obtain these achievements, you must complete the missions that reward you with spirit wood to feed your bonfire so it will level up.

While you progress on the NPCs story and leveling up the bonfire, you can unlock the next achievements:

This achievement is obtained by completing missions as time goes on.


There are 3 types of animals we can breed and they’ll grow up into (young, adult, mature) as we feed them. They are:

  • Bird
  • Deer
  • Lagomorph

Animals have a like/dislike system, that means that each of them have particular likes and we must put those items close to the animal to level up its affinity. For example, birds like berry bushes, so we put those close to the birds. To know each animal’s likes, we can check their information.

To know which items will level up the animal’s affinity, we’ll have to check the object’s description to confirm it.

Once you have maximum affinity with your animals, you’ll be able to unlock the following achievements (remember that some will be obtained when they grow up)

These achievements will be obtained by feeding them (some will be obtained when they grow up)

Lastly, this achievement is just obtaining and arranging animals.


As this section says, you will see the achievements that need crafting objects, food, among others. For this we must gather main base objects and ingredients to craft them and I’ll tell you which are the easiest in my opinion (of course, there are other options according to each one’s likeliness)

To get these achievements quickly, first, we must gather branches to craft softwood. It’s advised to craft a great amount or craft it in batches. Once crafted, we recycle the softwood at the recycling NPC, “Francesca DuClaw”, which will return the used items to craft it. We repeat this process until we get the achievement (It’s not required to do this all in one go, this can be done along the days if there aren’t enough items).

Next up is the food crafting. You will need to read the description below to know which are the basic, pro, and master food (they’re verified the same way as with the animals). You should craft the ones that are easier for you if you have the required resources at that moment.


Collectibles are part of almost every game but here all of them are not necessary so it’s less tedious than you would expect. Something REALLY IMPORTANT to take into account is that the collectibles will change as the seasons do.

There’s a NPC at the beach who will receive the collectibles as donations, and it will give us rewards for them.

For this achievement, you must fish 25 different species (remember you must wait for the next season if you don’t obtain a new fish)

Flowers can be bought to be grown and harvested on your own (remember you must wait for the next season if you don’t see a new flower in the shop)

You will have to craft some recipes and then deliver them (if you can’t find a recipe, you will have to find their formula)

For this section, you will need basic materials, whether they are ores, relics, recycled ones or crafted items.

To obtain these items, we will have to collect them around the beach.

We must buy clothes at the store every day but these mustn’t be donated to the beach NPC. Save them in your chest so they don’t clog your inventory.

Map Exploration
Here are some achievements that require walking around the map to find leaves, X’s on the ground, digging places, or mines. All of these are generated randomly with time.

The character will kick the leaves

The character will start digging

The character will start mining

The character will cut the bushes

For this achievement, throughout the story we will be given the item “master dowsing rod” which will have to be equipped to use it and explore the map with it. On top of the character a snowflake or a fire will a appear, indicating us if we are near a treasure or not. Once we get to the exact coordinates, a X will be drawn on the ground.


In the game we will have various tools to use:

  • Shovel
  • Pickaxe
  • Machete
  • Dowsing Rod
  • Spirit Camera
  • Accordion

As you progress in the story, the tools will be able to be improved. They also have durability and when they reach 0, they will break and you’ll have to fix them.

For the following achievement, there’s a quick but really precise way to obtain it. We will need to use the accordion which breaks after 15 uses. It is used to harvest trees, flowers and berries. Its radius is wide so you will have to be careful as not to collect more than your inventory can take.

Here are some images to understand the accordion’s use:
Here we see the distance between the character and the intented harvested items. Then, it will have to take step by step to keep collecting.

This is the way in which you’ll waste the potential of the accordion and break it faster because we’ll harvest more than you can carry.

If we use the accordion this way, we will break it faster and the achievements will be obtained as quickly.


In the game there are creatures around the map that will disappear if we get too close, these will ask us for items sometimes and we will have to throw it to them so we will be rewarded.

When you see the imp like this, you must throw the item it asks for.

With this, we will obtain the following achievement:

This next achievement is similar but we’ll need a special item:

To obtain this achievement successfully, we need to find two imps that ask for the item “bon bon” at the same time. Then, we have to take them closer until they find each other. After that, they’ll reward us with items.

We’ll obtain this achievement:


This is the end of the guide and here I’ll give you some reminders

  • Burn the remaining fish
  • Trees, berries, and plants grow every 3 days
  • The spirit camera can be broken daily (then you can repair it by buying the camera film)
  • DON’T alter your computer’s hour or day
  • Use the accordion to its fullest

By SilverDomec

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