Cozy Grove: How to Make Money (Mutiple Ways)

Combining mutiple ways to make bank in Cozy Grove



You want to get rich in Cozy Grove, don’t we now. Good news! I’ve created this guide specially for you to help you out! I’ve spend too much time on the wiki to combine their information with this guide to make sure you’ll get the best information possible!

There is a TLDR at the bottom of the guide


Before even starting to dive into money making schemes, let’s get the basics down first!
Flamey will be our new best friend, doing all the prep work for us! Before we start crafting and cooking, we have to get some materials ready.

One has to note that burning items will increase its worth. For example Fish rarely sell for a lot. Most fish prices are around 50 coints, with exceptions ofcourse. Even relics which can be sold for a nice price, give way more coins when turned into relic ash.

Materials via Recycling

How to obtain?
Selling price
Tin of flower pigment
By recycling any flower blossom. 1 flower blossom will give 1 flower pigment

Materials via Burning

How to obtain?
Selling price
Charred Fishbone
By burning any fish. Depening on the fish they will drop as follow:
• Common fish will drop 1 or 2 fishbones
• Uncommon fish will drop 2 or 3 fishbones
• Rare fish will drop 3 or 4 fishbones
• Legendary fish will drop 5 or 6 fishbones
• Mythical fish will drop 20 or 21 fishbones
Relic Ash
By burning any Relic
• Common relic will drop 1 ash
• Uncommon relic will drop 2 ash
• Rare relic will drop 4 ash
• Legendary relic will drop 10 ash
• Mythical relic will drop 40 ash

Ingredients by Burning

How to obtain?
Selling price
Roasted Root Vegetables
By burning any raw root vegetable.
• Potato will give 3 roasted root vegetables
• Sweet potato will give 6 roasted root vegetables
• Turnip will give 9 roasted root vegetables
• Radish will give 12 roasted root vegetables
• Parsnip will give 15 roasted root vegetables
Roasted Fruit
By burning any fruit.
• Any Berry will give 1 roasted fruit
• Any Citrus will give 2 roasted fruit
• Any Pear will give 2 roasted fruit
• Any Pawpaw will give 2 roasted fruit
• Any Apple will give 2 roasted fruit
• Any Plum will give 2 roasted fruit
Toasted Nut Rlour
By burning Acorns, Chestnuts, Pecans, or Walnuts. 1 nut will give 1 toasted nut flour
Roasted Mushrooms
By burning any mushroom.
• Brown mushroom will give 1 roasted mushrooms
• Red mushroom will give 2 roasted mushrooms
• Poison mushroom will give 3 roasted mushrooms
• Trumpet mushroom will give 4 roasted mushrooms
• Chanterelle mushroom will give 5 roasted mushrooms



I will be describing the 3 most profitable and easy recipe ‘chains’ for you. In my opinion saving extra produce (for example having 3 Fruit Jams left over) until you have another harvest ready and doing the chain again, is most profitable. We gotta squize these products for all they are worth.

Vegetable Recipe Chain

Cooking cost
Selling Price
Vegetable Broth
20 Roasted Root vegetables
Fancy Broth
20 Vegetable Broth

Mushroom Recipe Chain

Cooking cost
Selling Price
Mushroom Tofu
10 Roasted Mushrooms
Mushroom Tamari
10 Mushroom Tofu

Fruit Recipe Chain

Cooking cost
Selling Price
Fruit Jam
5 Roasted Fruit
Fruit Tincture
5 Fruit Jam

I don’t even have to say it. There is one chain that is clearly more profitable then the others. The Fruit chain is in my opinion the best way to make money! Invest in all those fruit trees and you’ll get exponentially more money

Crafting: 1 Ingredient Recipe

Did I work my way through all crafting recipes to try and find the most profitable ones? Yes!
We take this moment to appriciate the Wiki for this information.

For this part I will be focussing on the most easy and profitable recipes. Since you can’t predict when you’ll get this recipe, I’ve put down multiple options for you to chose from. I’ve tried to avoid wood ingredients as much as possible since I prefer to put those flowers and fish to work for profit.

Note! With every recipe you have common, uncommon, ect. versions. In this guide I will be stating just the crafting cost for the common ones. The more rare varients ofcourse give more money, but are also harder to craft. The goal is to use the least amount of ingredients to get the most amount of profits.


One Ingredient Recipes

I’ve noticed a pattern for these recipes.
All the recipes below cost 4 Charred Fishbone and sell for 2,000

Homemade jams
S’mores Table
Seagull Kite


Tray Table
Wood Buoy
Fruit Crate


Pruned Potted Tree
Rolled Parchment
Tall Potted Plant
Frog Spinner


Lei Stand
Scout Chair
Tool Rack


Amanita Mushroom
Small Potted Lilac
Wooden Bath Bucket
High Priest Artifact


Laboratory Bubble
Tube Section
Ringmaster Sculpture
Stone Bear Statue


Tall Ceramic Vase
Wilted Memorial Flowers


Crafting: 2 Ingredient Recipe

The recipes below cost 2 Tin of Flower Pigment and 4 Charred Fishbone , and sell for 2,000

Farmhouse Antique
Brick antique
Seashell Antique
Stone Antique
Bamboo Antique
Witch antique


The recipes below cost 1 Tin of Flower Pigment and 8 Charred Fishbone , and sell for 5,000

Farmhouse Small Sculpture
Log Cabin small Sculpture
Brick Small Sculpture
Seashell Small Sculpture
Stone Small Sculpture
Bamboo Small Sculpture
Witch Small Sculpture


Other interesting recipes

Selling Price
Steampunk Large Sculpture
8 Tin of Flower Pigment
3 Charred Fishbone
Tarot Table
2 Tin of Flower Pigment
3 Mixed Greens



Don’t want to go through the guide and just want to see the highlights? Here you go!

  • The best way to make money in Cozy Grove is via Fruit Trees! Use the fruit to make Roasted Fruit, cook that into Fruit Jam and cook that into Fruit Tincture. This sells for 24,000
  • Roasting Mushrooms and cooking them into Mushroom Tamari, sells for 12,000
  • Roasting Root Vegetables and cooking them into Fancy Broth, sells for 10,000
  • Any crafting recipe using only 4 Charred Fishbone will sell for 2,000
  • Any crafting recipe using 2 Tin of Flower Pigment and 4 Charred Fishbone will sell for 2,000
  • Any crafting recipe using 1 Tin of Flower Pigment and 8 Charred Fishbone will sell for 5,000

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