Creature Creator: All Quests Guide

A guide to help players find and complete the quests on each map in adventure mode and obtain the On A Mission achievement.



Having trouble completing quests, or don’t know what to do with those weird coins you found? No worries! This guide will help you complete all of the quests in the game.

Each map in Adventure mode has a quest (or a few) to complete. These involve finding items to bring to a location, so you should use a creature with hands to pick them up. I’d also recommend using a faster creature, preferably with sprinting, to make traveling quicker.

Island Map

The Island is the first map you enter, and is quite small. There is only one quest to complete here.

The Fish Bucket

The goal for this quest is to bring three fish to a small bucket across the bridge, on the smaller south-western section of the island.

The first fish is near the bucket, the second is at the south-eastern beach on the larger section, and the third is north of the second by a clump of rocks.

You don’t have to worry about getting the fish inside the bucket, simply drop them near it and it will count towards the quest.

Farm Map

Once you have completed everything at the Island, the Farm map should unlock. Alternatively, you can reach the Farm by taking the raft at the south-eastern edge of the Island.

The Farm is the largest map and has seven quests to complete (though five of them are technically the same quest).

The Treasure Chest

The first quest is simple: bring a key to a locked chest. Thankfully, neither of these are difficult to find. The key is located in front of one of the tents at the Campsite.

The chest is to the north, where the path ends near the lake.

Simply drop the key off next to the chest and it’ll open, with a surprise inside!

The Wishing Well

The second quest involves the Wishing Well. As you might imagine, the objective is to drop coins into the well to make a wish (or at least drop them near it).

There are six coins scattered about at the southern end of the map. One is already near the well, one is to the south of the Racetrack, and the last four are in the Forest south of the Market.

To complete the quest, bring each coin to the well. However, while holding one, DO NOT TELEPORT TO AN EDITING PAD! Don’t even walk across one, or your creature will drop the coin and it will clip through the pad, becoming unobtainable. You’ll have to manually carry each coin to the well. You can, however, still sprint, jump and flap while holding a coin. The only way to retrieve lost coins is to exit and re-enter the map so they reset.

Woe be to the creature who takes their coin through an editing pad, for, despite appearing to be reachable, it is now lost forever. Or at least until the map is reset.

Once you take all six coins to the well, the quest will be complete. As for the wish? Well… that’s up to you!

Good Boy(s)!

The final five quests at the Farm involve the five dogs that are found around the map, and is actually the same quest repeated with each dog. The dogs will need to be alive to complete these quests, so if you’ve killed them you will need to reset the map. Two of the dogs are at the Farmhouse, two more are at the Ranch, and the last is at the Cabin.

In order to complete each quest, you have to bring a bone from the Cave to each dog. There are two bones in the Cave, one a short ways in at the tunnel section, and another at the open chamber next to a boulder. The Cave is very dark, so make sure your creature can glow for easier navigation!

Similarly to the coins, DO NOT teleport or walk over an editor pad while holding the bones. Your creature will drop them, they will clip through, and you will not be able to grab them again.

When approaching a dog with a bone in hand, it will rush towards you but not attack. You can then drop the bone while the dog is next to you to complete the quest. Luckily, you can reuse the same bone for each dog, so you do not have to reset the map to get the bones back. All you need to do is pick it back up and drop it by the next dog.

A very special thank you to fnzombies for helping me with this one! I originally went through the cave without glow, so did not see the bones and did not know how to complete these quests.

Sandbox Map

The final map is the Sandbox. How do you reach the Sandbox? By jumping into it, of course!

No, really. In order to unlock the Sandbox map, you go into the sandbox at the Playground in the Farm map. Once you do, press F to travel there and you’ll be shrunk down to enter the map.

The Sandbox map has two quests that are essentially the same.

Red Toys

The first (or second, it doesn’t matter) quest is to take all of the red toys and place them into the red bucket. There are three red toys, and they look like small stars.

Two of the toys are next to the blue bucket and the last is between the red bucket and the scoreboard.

Once the three toys are at the bucket, the quest will be completed. Easy!

Blue Toys

This quest is exactly like the previous one, but instead of red, it’s blue! There are three blue toys, which also look like stars, scattered around the sandbox. One is next to the scoreboard, one is between the scoreboard and the red bucket, and the last is by the lower-left corner of the box.

Like the red toys, once you place all three blue toys into the blue bucket, the quest will be complete.

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