Criminal Girls Invite Only: Basic Guide

It’ll help you understand the basics of the game


Basic info

– Motivating girls is as important as leveling up. Check your CM every 3 – 4 fights to see if you can motivate someone.
– Enemies are harder each floor. Be sure to level up at least twice per floor or you’re gonna have a bad time.
– While grinding is needed for both EXP and CM, you should check the appropriate floor to do so, as enemies give more EXP and CM on higher levels on a somewhat exponential rate: first floors might give you 5 CM per fight, and final floors 5000 CM per fight.
– All girls gain EXP even if they didn’t fight, unless they died.
– If a girl dies, she is revived after the fight with 1 HP. There’s no need for you to waste your items on every single death.
– Automatic skills can help a lot, basically granting you a 2nd attack on some turns.


– You only select one action per turn, and the available actions are suggested by the girls so you can’t do whatever you want. It’s important to unlock skills so you get better options on your turns.
– Not all skills are easily identifiable in battle, but you can guess which skill it is by reading the MP needed (Or you can memorize what each line means…)
– If a girl is paralyzed, there’s a chance you won’t perform your action, wasting your turn. Try choosing a non-paralyzed girl or using an item.
– When casting a Chain skill, if the caster is paralyzed, the attack can be cancelled,. But if instead the other girl is paralyzed, it will never be canceled.
– If a girl is confused, there’s a chance she will attack herself or a friend. Be careful attacking with a confused Sako or Tomoe, you could end up killing another girl.
– At every turn you have a chance to switch one girl. Use it if you aren’t liking your options, sometimes girls change their suggestions depending on which girls are around and their status.
– Girls keep their statuses (negative and positive) if you switch them. So if you remove a poisoned girl, just remember that once you bring her back, she’ll still be poisoned.
– Status are removed at the end of a fight, there’s no need to waste items unless you really have to.
– Chain links only cost MP for the caster.
– Shin’s OPR skills won’t cost MP for the girls that helped.
– If Shin is paralyzed and you chose an OPR skill, the girls that help still have a chance of casting their skill.
– Skills that are automatically triggered don’t consume MP.
– When a boss gathers energy, Ran will always suggest Guard (or Invincibility if you have it), and you should use it. If she isn’t in the team, switch her out.
– Girls won’t make suggestions if their health is low, so watch out for that.
– Not all bosses can be paralyzed or confused, but you should try and find out, because paralyzing a boss can help a lot.

First Skills

I recommend unlocking skills in this order
Sako – Lv1 (She’s the strongest one)
Kisaragi – Lv1 (2nd strongest, and hopefully get you an “Attack x2”)
Alice – Lv1 (just to get Lv2)
Alice – Lv2 (First Magic in the game)
Ran – Lv1 (just to get Lv2)
Ran – Lv2 (Guard is useful against bosses)
Sako -Lv2 (“Magic” that packs a punch)
Sako -Lv3 (just to get Lv4)
Sako -Lv4 (Shout lets you grind without wasting time walking around)
At this point you should be able to hold your own on the first fights, so do as you please.
I don’t find Kisaragi’s Lv2 to be useful, but you’ll have to suck it up to get her powerful moves.



The strongest at first. Her skills cost a little MP, but she doesn’t have much to begin with.
Her field skill is Shout, which allows you to grind without wasting time walking.
She eventually learns to use a Fire punch, so try to unlock it when you reach the Morass block


Not particularly strong, but can take a hit. Her guard skill is absolutely necessary.
Her revenge skill will draw the enemy’s attack and counter it every time she’s hit.
Her field skill is Alert, which allows you to walk without worrying about random encounters for a limited time.
She eventually learns to revive companions, so don’t ignore her motivation sessions.


In my opinion the least useful, but her eventual Poison attack (which also comes in Automatic form) can remove headaches when enemies with high defense appear.
Her field skill is Find treasure, which can let you know if you missed a chest in the map.


The only one able to cast magic at first. She’s too weak to physically hurt enemies, but her magic can be a really powerful tool.
Her field skill allows her to transfer 10 MP to another girl. Useful if you need another girls skills.


The healer/priest. At first her usefulness comes from being paired with Sako, by using powerful Chain skills.
Her field skill allows you to heal the whole party.


The strongest of the seven. She has low defense, but the Skills can be devastating. You should recover her MP by transferring some from Alice, since she’ll run out rather quickly.
Her field skill allows you to return to the last saving point, which is a relief.


Her skills usually involve other girls, allowing you to basically use 2 actions in 1, but they are somewhat costly.
Her field skill allows you to fully heal one girl.

Once you finish the game, you can unlock 2 more girls, but you should see for yourself


Prison Block

Nothing worth noting. A simple map with simple enemies.

Morass Block

You’ll find 3 more girls in this block. Enemies here are weak to fire, so unlock Sako’s Passion punch.

Inferno Block

You’re supposed to lose your fight against the boss, so don’t worry. Enemies here are weak to ice, so hopefully you already unlocked Alice’s Freeze attack or Shin’s OPR Freeze

Frozen Block

Enemies here are weak to Electric attacks.
Going through doors is going to have you lose your level or a character. Don’t worry about it, just push through and everything will be fine again.
I recommend grinding with Shout on the first floor, before any of your girls leaves your party.

Education Block

Once you lose Tomoe, you’ll be told to find her “sin”. Before you go insane looking all over the Education Map, I’ll let you know it’s not there. Talk to her to get the tip that it’s in Inferno and go there. Go to a floor in that block, and if no conversation is triggered, move to the next floor. Once a conversation is triggered, check the map, the object will be marked on the map with a “!”. Keep in mind you’ll face a miniboss before reaching each sin.
The rest of the girls will also give you tips about the locations:
Tomoe: Inferno
Kisaragi: Frost
Ran: Morass
Sako: Inferno
Shin: Frost
Yuko: Inferno
Alice: Morass
Once you remove all sins, you can go to the roof. But I recommend being level 30 before doing so.


This is where the maps start becoming headaches. Green plates teleport vertically while blue plates teleport you horizontally, which is not reflected on the map. At 4F you’ll have to Knight one of your girls, so make sure your fav girl has all of her motivation at Max. Who should you Knight? Whoever you choose will have MP consumption reduced by 3, plus a new motivation format will unlock which has a powerful skill at Level 1. This skill is as follows:
Alice: Summons a meteorite, heavy Magic damage to all enemies
Tomoe: Attacks all enemies, heavy Magic damage to all enemies.
Sako: Boosts all status for all girls, as well as Recure.
Yuko: Heavily reduces all status for a single enemy.
Ran: Can now cast Invincibility when an enemy is storing energy. All girls get no damage for 2 turns.
Shin: OPR End has all girls cast one of their stronger moves (but not their strongest one).
Kisaragi: Heavy damage to one enemy as well as Poison and Paralysis.
Choose wisely. The boss here is no joke. I recommend level 40.

XF Warden

Once you finished the game, load your savefile and beat Himekami again. This time you can save her and Miu by going to this Block. Motivate your other girls and get ready to Knight all of them. This map is an even worse headache than Purgatory. Get to 3F until you find out that you can unlock new roads, then you’ll have to go back to 1F to open up all roads. There’s 2 Knight potions on each floor. At any time you have at least 1 potion, go back to where you knighted your first girl, to knight the rest of them (Purgatory 4F).

Garden of Memories

You now have Miu and Himekame. Motivate the sh*t out of your new girls and get ready to erase their sin. This time they’ll tell you exactly where it is. As for the potions to knight them, you’ll find them in the Knighting room, as soon as you deal with both of their sins. Be sure to be at least level 64 to beat the boss. Also keep an eye out for hidden chests, there’s one in each floor with Himekami’s and Miu’s Chain skills.

Motivation and Wishes

Motivation consists on a series of minigames which increases the “Exp” necessary to gain skills. Depending on how well you did is the amount of Exp you gain with a maximum of 200 Exp, but it doesn’t punish you too bad even if you fail miserably. I once got 180 Exp even tho I missed 5 of the 10 prompts.
Motivating costs CM, and it’s prices increase exponentially, so you’ll have to grind often to gain new skills.
You can also cover the girls eyes or mouth, with an added cost, but no Exp benefit. If you’re just curious about what that’s like, I recommend reaching level Max on a type of motivation so its cost becomes 0, and then choosing one of those options.
It’s important that you unlock skills as soon as possible, even on skills you’re not interested in, because girls become very powerful thanks to them.
Once you unlock the first 5 skills for a girl, you’ll be asked to fulfill a girl’s wish. A wish can be something as simple as just going to a location marked on the map with a Heart, but sometimes it will involve fighting a monster, and in those cases you need to be prepared because it wont be an easy fight.
Fulfilling wishes gets you bonuses like MP cost reductions and CM costs reductions.
Also, at the end of the game, you’ll need to have at least 1 girl with 3 wishes fulfilled and her motivation maxed.

Questions you might have

Q: I found an item but a girl made me throw it away. What’s up with that?
A: Don’t mind that for now. You’ll be tasked with retrieving those items once you reach the Education Block

Q: I found a door that is said to be closed by a mystical force. How do I open those?
A: Also don’t mind those. You’ll be able to open those on the girls 4th wish, but you can only fulfill 4th wishes on girls you’ve knighted

Q: How the hell do I beat ____ boss?
A: If you are having trouble with a boss, and you don’t have great items, just level up. The difference a few levels make is palpable. Himekami was kicking my ass at level 38, I only managed to beat her at level 41.

Q: Where do I find ___ chain skill?
A: Once you’ve fully explored a floor and opened all of its chests, use Kisaragi’s “Find Treasure” skill. If she says there’s still a treasure left, you are missing an invisible chest.

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