Crown Trick: Achievements Guide & Familiars Tier List

Achievements and familiars tier list



Achievements count – 48
Time to 100% – 40h
Bugged achievements – no


Tower of Sinners bosses

No Longer Young
Defeat Tria in the Tower of Sinners.

Care for a Duae
Defeat Duae in the Tower of Sinners.

City of Steam Bosses

Medical Waste Recovery
Defeat Lab Mutation in the City of Steam.

Good news, everyone!
Defeat Doctor Frank in the City of Steam.

Ocean Depths Bosses

This Trident is mine!
Defeat Poseidon in the Ocean Depths.

Weapon Removal
Defeat Neptune in the Ocean Depths.

Realm of Kings Bosses

Initially, you can choose which one Vlad you would like to fight during dialogue with him. After beating any Vlad you will loose access to Day 1 and random Vlad will be as 1 of the bosses in Day 2.

The Ruinous Duke
Defeat Vlad the Commander in the Realm of Kings.

True Ending
Defeat Vlad the Impaler in the Realm of Kings.

Final Bosses

The Witch Hunter
Defeat the Triumvirate of Witches at the bottom of the Tower of Sinners.

Forever Hold Your Peace
Defeat the Mechanical Bride at the bottom of the City of Steam.

Heart of the Ocean
Defeat the Heart of the Ocean at the bottom of the Ocean Depths.

Crown of Darkness
Defeat the Crown of Darkness.

Ruler of the Dreamrealm
Defeat all Bosses.

Defeat all Bosses mentioned above.


Are You My Master?
Unlock your first Familiar

During tutorial defeat Familiar.

Army of Familiars
Obtain 10 Familiars

Defeat more Familiars with each run.

Master of all Familiars
Obtain 20 Familiars.

Beat 20 elite enemies in the game. You will unlock 5 familiars after beating Day 1 if you own free DLC so its technically possible earlier.

Rescue Alchemist Barbara
Alchemist Barbara rescued.

Rescue her in the Tower of Sinners as soon as Day 1.

Rescue Amanda of the Item Shop
Amanda rescued.

Rescue Amanda in the City of Steam as soon as Day 1.

Rescue Stein of the Vault of Souls
Rescue Stein.

Rescue Stein in the City of Steam as soon as Day 1.

Rescue the Smith of the Smithy
Smith rescued.

Rescue him in the Realm of Kings as soon as Day 1.

Dreamrealm: Witch’s Castle
Obtain all Dream Fragments in the Tower of Sinners.

Dreamrealm: City of Steam
Obtain all Dream Fragments in the City of Steam.

Dreamrealm: Ocean Depths
Obtain all Dream Fragments in the Ocean Depths.

Dreamrealm: Imaginary Space
Obtain all Dream Fragments in the Realm of Kings.

Collect all Dream Fragments for this levels by defeating Bosses and opening Chests.

By His Design
Unlock something with a Blueprint.

Get a blueprint from Elite Enemy/Boss/Treasure and get it to the Dimensions shop.

Item Collector
Blueprint(s) unlock 5 Items.

Keep unlocking blueprints until these unlock 5 new Items.

Relic Collector
Blueprint(s) unlock 15 Relics

Keep unlocking blueprints until these unlock 15 new relics.

Weapon Collector
Blueprint(s) unlock 15 Weapons.

Keep unlocking blueprints until these unlock 15 new weapons.


Achievements progress in this section saves across all runs.

Novice Treasure Hunter
Open 1 random Treasure Chest

Master Treasure Hunter
Open an accumulated 100 random Treasure Chests

You will open first one during tutorial. Each floor has at least 2-3 chests.

Pocket Change
Gold Coins gained:200

Ungodly Rich
Gold Coins gained: 5,000.

You will get gold from barrels, chests and enemies.

Shard Connoisseur
Soul Shards gained:200

Shard Collector
Soul Shards gained: 3,000.

You will get shards from chests, bosses and elite enemies. Used for permanent unlocks at your base.


Infinite Resurrections
Deaths: 30.

Fail your runs over and over.

Warrior of the Dreams
Enemies Killed: 100.

Guardian of the Dreams
Enemies Killed: 2,000.

This ones gonna take some time, but eventually you will get these ones too.

Darkness Invasion

Darkness Invasion is a new difficulty mode. You unlock it after beating the game. These achievements awarded for beating game level’s in this mode.

Dark Magic
Clear Stage: Witchcraft of Fear (Darkness Invasion).

Deep Ocean
Clear Stage: Tsunami of Rage (Darkness Invasion).

Unimaginable Tech
Clear Stage: Gears of Sorrow (Darkness Invasion).

Sunset Castle
Clear Stage: King of Nightmares (Darkness Invasion).


Poison Expert
Inflict 5 or more stacks of Poison on enemies in 1 battle.

Cast mandragora spell on during boss battle.

Once you start…
Play gold coin slot machine once.

There are special Gold Coin Slot Machine rooms. Play once to unlock it.

Elixir Amplifier
Perform an Elixir capacity upgrade.

Purchase Elixir Upgrade Lv. 1 from the Alchemist.

Better be Prepared
Upgrade Elixir recovery amount to the highest level.

Purchase Elixir Refinement levels 1 to 5 from the Alchemist.

The New Order of Nightmare
Defeat Black Monolith

Rare Elite enemy. Could be found in Day 2 or 3.

Abyss Walker
Complete Dungeon of the Deep once

Dungeons of the Deep (endless mode) is unlocked by completing the game.

Base game familiars tier list

S Tier

Knight of Eternal Frost
Demon Lord

A Tier

Primordial Water Spirit
Mech Unit Mk 404

B Tier

Hellish Boxer
Reaper of Pumpkins
King Octo
Witching Crow
Crystallized Frost

C Tier

Mad Pharmacist
Windblade Overlord
Ghastly Sharpshooter

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