Crystal Project: Overworld & Caves Map

This is the completed in-game map for the Overworld and Caves layers (SPOILER WARNING)



Here are the (mostly) complete in-game maps for the Overworld and Caves layers.

There are still several small holes on the overworld that I haven’t bothered to fill in, such as on several trees and cacti on the western portion of the continent. All of the major areas should be covered, but if I am missing anything, please let me know in the comments and I will update this. I wouldn’t be surprised if I missed something in the Caves layer, which was harder to verify completion.

The map wraps vertically and horizontally, in classic torus-world JRPG fashion. However, there was no obvious starting point for what the edges of the map should be, so I chose this somewhat arbitrarily, keeping the landmasses entirely in-frame. As a result, a lot of the underwater geography is along the edges of the map, making ocean exploration a little harder to put into perspective when looking at this. I would like to see a web map of this one day, with horizontal and vertical tiling, zoom & pan, layers, and objects like crystals, home points, and chests. I’m am not sure if I can implement that myself, though.

Finally, I do not have any of the dungeon layers at the moment, since there isn’t nearly as much content there, but I may do this in the future too.


Note that due to the filesize upload limits on Steam, I had to crop the overworld into several images before embedding them into this guide. But I have included links to the complete .png files for each map below if you’d like to download or zoom in on the whole thing at once. Again, this would be so much cooler with a web map implementation.

Link to complete .png file on my Google Drive:


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