Culture Shock: Gallery Codes & Six Sense Codes (Ch. 3 v0.1)

Here is a guide allowing you to find all Gallery codes and six sense codes for Culture Shock. An 18+ game developed by King of lust.

January 2024 Updated | New version Chapter3 – 0.1


Gallery Passwords and Six Sense Codes for Each Game Version

These Gallery codes will help you unlock scenes either by seeing them in your playthroughs or by temporarily unlocking all scenes in “Preferences”. And yes, unlocked scenes are clickable in the gallery screens and playable, locked not.

  • Ch. 3 v0.1:
    • Gallery Code: 789789 (New!)
    • Six Sense Code: 515151 (New!)
  • Ch. 2 v1.0:
    • Gallery Code: 425466
    • Six Sense Code: 867564
  • Ch. 2 v0.9:
    • Gallery Code: 161514
    • Six Sense Code: 457595
    • Sophia Code: 796959
  • Ch. 2 v0.8 Revised:
    • Gallery Code: 191317
    • Six Sense Code: 646769
    • Sophia Code: 464349
  • Ch. 2 v0.7 Revised:
    • Gallery Code: 171315
    • Six Sense Code: 867564
  • Ch. 2 v0.6:
    • Gallery Code: 86
    • Sophia Code: 239785
  • Ch. 2 v0.5:
    • Gallery Code: 678
    • Sophia Code: 358645
  • Ch. 2 v0.4:
    • Gallery Code: 947


Where to Enter the Codes?

Sixth Sense: When prompted during the Emma / Marcus fondling scene on the Beta Parh from the ingame menu. Have to set the hook in the Preferences afterwards.

Gallery: also from the ingame menu

Sofia the Bar Dancer’s Extra scenes: from the main menu under “Extras”


How to Unlock the Special Event?

Go to Extras

There you will see event name “Tracy Extra Scene 1” click on it, It will ask for code (796959)

Put this code than it will open the event and enjoy.


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