Price for Freedom Avarice: All Gallery Codes (Updated to V26)

Here is a full list of all gallery/Patreon codes for Price for Freedom Avarice.

Updated January 2023 | We checked for new Build 26.0 Public version


Gallery / Patreon Codes for the Latest V26

Gallery code: fluf


All Gallery / Patreon Codes for the previous version

  • V1-3: Hiho
  • V4-6: Dee
  • V7-9: puppy
  • V10-11: code
  • V12: what
  • V13: krikri
  • V14: babylon
  • V15: weee
  • V16: 16
  • V17: 71
  • V18: Hiho
  • V19: Cat
  • V20: Red
  • V21: Pat
  • V22: Pillow
  • V23: Yurt
  • V24: Veil
  • V25: Tail


Price for Freedom Avarice Patreon Codes FAQs

How to Find the Latest Patreon codes?

We will update the new code as there is a new version out. and you also get the code by following the official Patreon and website:

What’s the difference between public and Patreon versions? Also, what do the Patreon codes do on the public version?

Patreon codes unlock all (or at least most of) the gallery scenes on the public version. The Patreon version has special scenes and missions not available in the public version.

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