Darkest Dungeon®: Mountain Mod Curio Guide

A guide to help navigate the mountains curios



Frozen Pack

Loot: 50%
Warmstone: 33.34%
Scouting: 20%
Nothing: 16.67%

Nomade Tent

Loot: 37.50%
Scouting: 20%
Negative Quirk (Cryophilic): 12.50%
Nothing: 12.50%


Frozen Tree

No Items:
Speed and Attack Debuff: 40%
Blight: 30%
Torch: Heal 15
Shovel: Gem worth 2,000 Gold

Snowy Grave

No Items:
Blight: 37.50%
Nothing: 25%
Loot: 25%
Summon: 12.50% (Stone Totem, Spirit, Spirit)
Shovel: Summon: Stone Totem, Spirit, Spirit
Warmstone: Loot

Ice Block

No Items:
Speed and Attack Debuff: 34.20%
Bleed: 25.80%
Loot: 25%
Nothing: 15%
Torch: Gem Loot
Bandage: Loot

Frozen Body

No Items:
Loot: 42.86%
Disease: 28.57%
Nothing: 14.29%
Negative Quirk: 9.53%
Positive Quirk: 4.76%
Medicinal Herbs: Food Loot
Warmstone: Heal 15

Tribal Alter

No Items:
Negative Quirk (Xenophobia): 50%
25 Stress: 25%
Nothing: 25%
Warmstone: 25% Stress received vs Tribal Debuff
Torch: Heal Stress 10

Tribal Ritual

No Items:
Torch Loot: 25%
25 Stress: 15%
Summon: 15% (Tribal Offering, Tribal Berserker, Tribal Shaman, Tribal Shaman)
Summon: 15% (Tribal Berserker, Tribal Berserker, Tribal Shaman)
Summon: 15% (Tribal Offering, Tribal Berserker, Tribal Shaman)
Nothing: 10%
Negative Quirk (Xenophobia): 5%
Positive Quirk (Xenomania): 5%
Warmstone: Summon Wendigo Mini-Boss (Always drops Shivering cure)

Rock Wall

No Items:
Loot: 30%
Negative Quirk (Claustrophobia): 30%
Nothing: 20%
Summon: 20% (Brigand Cutthroat, Brigand Cutthroat, Brigand Fusilier)
Shovel: Loot

Abandoned Campsite

No Items:
Food Loot: 40%
Nothing: 20%
Blight: 13.33%
Disease: 10%
20 Stress: 6.67%
Holy Water: 20 Stress
Medicinal Herbs: Heal 15

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