Dead Rising 4: Multiplayer Manuals Locations

The locations marked on an image for the Dead Rising 4 Multiplayer map spots.


The map and photos of the locations of the multiplayer manual spots

Remember this is for the multiplayer manuals / skill books only.

If you already picked up a book it will be in your multiplayer skills tab and also will be not on the map obviously.

These books do help with survivability specially since multiplayer has become very much single player often with public matches. If you need assistance can always message me in the comments and I will try to find time to jump on and help. I have another account on my husbands old laptop which family and friends use to play with me which means I can have two characters to help with online multiplayer achievements on.

This guide might change in the future to have a future walkthrough for how to handle multiplayer better if people request it and if I am healthy enough and able.

Each photo based on location in BIG MODE

As Rita from Power rangers would say….MAKE MY MONSTER GROWWWWWWWWWW

These will be going clockwise from the top of the map in Medieval Town.

Skill Book: Inspiring Presence Manual
Location: Freytag Home 2nd floor of hallway to Medieval Town North Plaza

Skill Book: Food Inventory Slot +2 Manual
Location: The circle platform for what should be a fountain between the escalators and in front of the elevators on the first floor at the mall Entrance

Skill Book: Skill Move Efficiency Manual
Location: Oh-San’s Sun and Moon Sushi in Kuchiro plaza First floor.

Skill Book: Evasion Manual
Location: Home Runners Store, 2nd floor of hallway to Medieval Town North plaza.

Skill Book: Precision Targeting Manual
Location: Pirate Ship Mast, Part of Caribbean Cove.

Skill Book: Elemental Critical Hits Manual
Location: Maintenance Tunnels in Miami Boardwalk next to Slappy’s Fun Shack Arcade on big tool box.

Skill Book: Melee and Ranged and Thrown inventory Slots Manual
Location: Miami Boardwalk Raceway Shop

Skill Book: The Final Blow Manual
Location: Inside the Virago Hotel on the counter in the Amazon Food Court

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