Dead Rising: All Deadrising Scoops Guide

This Guide Will Be A Walkthrough On All The Cases And Scoops Available In Deadrising. It Will Cover Survivors,PP Bonuses And Psychopaths. Spoiler Alert!!!


Case 1-1 A Dangerous Encounter
Case 1-1: A Dangerous Encounter is the first case Frank West receives in Dead Rising. It occurs after escaping to the Security Room when the zombies break into the mall, and is activated by entering the hall in the Warehouse toward Paradise Plaza. It consists of a cutscene and is completed after the cutscene ends.Case 1-1 Is the only case that does not appear in the scoop list when viewing Frank’s watch.Case 1-1 has no Survivors and only rewards you with a Handgun given by Jessie Mccarney.Case 1-1:A Dangerous Encounter begins at 12:00 Pm and ends at 5:00pm if this case expires the rest of the game is locked out and cannot be completed

Case 1-2 Backup For Brad
Jessie McCarney said in the Case 1-1: A Dangerous Encounter cutscene that Brad Garrison needs help.This case is activated upon entering the Food Court, and is completed after Carlito Keyes is defeated.This Case is available after Case 1-1 A Dangerous Encounter is completed.Case 1-2 is a perfect opportunity to take a photo of Brad for The “Census Taker” achievement.A Easy way of taking down Carlito is by using a Shotgun from the Huntin’ Shack

Case 1-3 An Odd Old Man
Frank follows Brad to the Entrance Plaza where Brad tries to convince Dr. Barnaby to come with them to the Security Room. However, Dr. Barnaby refuses due to him not trusting Brad. Brad concedes that they have no choice but to call for back up, and retreats.Inorder to reach the Entrance Plaza you have to go through Al Fresca Plaza with Brad.NOTE:Brad does not need to accompany you for you to open the shudder or talk to Dr.Barnaby

Case 1-4 A Temporary Agreement
Case 1-4 A Temporary Agreement is activated by returning to the security room after talking to Dr. Barnaby, and is completed after the cutscene ends.This is the last Case that does not have a timer any other scoop or Case has a in game timer

Love Lasts A Lifetime
Love Lasts a Lifetime is an unmarked scoop

It takes place on the rooftop during the early afternoon on the first day. Frank meets a middle-aged couple, Jeff and Natalie Meyer, that were separated during the zombie outbreak.Jeff and Natalie when reunited each have a PP Bonus of 10,000 when they are hugging.This scoop begins on September 19 12:00Pm and ends 6:00Pm.

Man In A Bind
Man in a Bind is an unmarked scoop in Dead Rising.

Man In A Bind takes place in a clothing store in the Entrance Plaza during the afternoon on the first day. A mall employee, Bill Brenton, has been trapped in the store two days before the zombie outbreak began.The only way to notice this scoop is the small hoard of zombies outside of the In The Closet Shop in the Entrance Plaza.Man In A Bind Begins On September 19 12:00Pm And ends September 20 6:00Am.There are no PP Bonuses or Rewards for Completing Man In A Bind.

The Gun Shop

The Gun Shop Is A Unlisted Scoop In Dead Rising

It takes place at the first time in the Huntin’ Shack in the North Plaza. By entering the store, Frank will meet Cletus Samson, the gun shop owner.When shot by Cletus he drinks a bottle of wine this is a opportunity to take a picture and get a PP Bonus.This Scoop Occurs On September 19 At 12:00Pm And Expires September 21 11:00Pm

Cut From The Same Cloth
Cut From The Same Cloth takes place in Paradise Plaza in the widely used Colombian Roastmasters on the first day.Where another photographer has made his way to Willamette, and reckons his skill with a camera far outstrips Frank’s experience.Kent will not attack Frank while although being classified as a Psychopath.You can sanp a picture of Kent doing his flying jump kick for a PP Bonus.Kent will also count to both the Census Taker and Psycho Collector achievements.This scoop takes place from 2pm to 8pm On September 19.

Barricaded Pair
Barricaded Pair takes place in Weber’s Garments in Al Fresca Plaza and involves rescuing a pair of survivors, Burt Thompson and Aaron Swoop, from a barricaded store.You will have to hit Burt a total of 5 times before he starts hyperventilating and gives up.Him and Aaron will join when you talk to Burt again.This scoop occurs on September 19 4:00pm and expires September 20 4:00am.If Burt dies Aaron will still join but if Aaron is killed Burt will refuse to join and be unsaveable

A Mother’s Lament
A Mother’s Lament takes place in Riverfield Jewelry in Al Fresca Plaza in the evening of the first day. A distraught and injured woman, Leah Stein, refuses to come out of the store she is hiding in and Frank must save her.Leah will be a pain as she cannot walk and has to be carried.This scoop occurs September 19 5:00pm and expires at September 20 7:00am.If this scoop expires unlike most survivors Leah will actually be killed and a message will appear on screen

Prisoners Is A Unmarked Scoop

Frank can walk into Leisure Park on the evening of the first day and find three convicts terrorizing Sophie Richards and her companion,Sid.When you first enter Leisure Park when this scoop is active Sid will be Killed and is deemed unsaveable.The convicts will respawn every night at Midnight.This scoop ends September 19 6:00pm and ends at September 21 5:00pm NOTE: This Time Is When The Convicts Will Stop Respawning.

Out Of Control
Frank enters Wonderland Plaza on the night of the first day and finds a malfunctioning roller coaster being controlled by a clown, Adam MacIntyre.After defeating Adam interact with the console to find Greg Simpson and unlock a very usefull shortcut from Wonderland Plaza To Paradise Plaza making a very easy way to escort survivors.This scoop starts September 19 9:00pm and expires September 20 11:00am.Adam’s small chainsaw is a very good weapons and should be used as frequently as possible

Japanese Tourists
Japanese Tourists takes place in Sir Book-a-lot in Wonderland Plaza on the late evening of the first day.
Frank will meet two foreign tourists, Yuu Tanaka and Shinji Kitano, who do not speak any English.You will need to grab the “Japanese Conversation” book near the counter in Sir-Book-Alot.After comunicating with Yuu and Shinji they will bow,this is a perfect opportunity to take a picture for 20,000PP.This scoop starts September 19 10:00pm and expires September 20 7:00am

Shadow Of The North Plaza
An injured survivor, David Bailey, can be found hiding in an empty store in the North Plaza on the evening of the first day. David is initially frightful and tries to crawl away in fear, but relaxes after Frank claims that he is not a bad guy. David then reveals that he has tried to get food from the supermarket, but was attacked by an insane man accusing him of shoplifting.David will have to be carried similar to Leah.This Scoop starts on September 19 at 11:00pm and expires September 20 8:00am

Case 2-1 Image In The Monitor
Case 2-1 Image In the Monitor is activated by returning to the Security Room after receiving Otis’s call, and is completed after reaching Entrance Plaza. It is a cutscene only.It Is entirely possible to wait in the Security Room as you are already there because of Case 1-4 A Temporary Agreement.This Case starts at 6:00am and expires at 7:00am on September 20

Case 2-2 Rescue The Professor
Case 2-2 Rescue The Professor is activated upon entering the Entrance Plaza, and is completed after Carlito Keyes is defeated. After the case is completed, Frank will be back at the security room With A Injured Brad And A Unconscious Dr.Barnaby.Carlito has a Sniper Rifle and hits pretty hard so a Quickstep is Recommended.

Case 2-3 Medicine Run
Case 2-3 Medicine Run has Frank venture into the North Plaza to Seon’s Food & Stuff in order to find medicine for a severely wounded Brad. While looking he encounters Steven Chapman the store’s manager who has lost his mind and has a grudge against anybody he deems to be “vandalising”.Frank locates the First Aid Kit in the Pharmacy after defeating Steven.Returning it to the Security Room and giving it to Brad.

Lovers takes place in Run Like The Wind in Wonderland Plaza on the morning of the second day. It involves a pair of lovers, Ross Folk and Tonya Waters, the former of whom has been severely injured.When in diolauge with Ross and Tonya,Ross will ask for a Handgun UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you give him one as he will commit suicide and both him and Tonya will be unsaveable. If Ross does kill himself there is a “Brutality” photo op worth 10,000 PP.This scoop starts 7:00am and ends 12:00pm on September 20.

The Hatchet Man

The Hatchet Man takes place in Crislip’s Home Saloon in the North Plaza on the late morning of the second day. It involves a psychopathic Vietnam War veteran, Cliff Hudson, who has captured several survivors.After he is defeated he drops his machete which can be picked up every time you enter Crislip’s.When Cliff is jumping into a vent there is a 10,000 “Drama” PP bonus This scoop starts 8:00am and ends 3:00pm on September 20.

The Coward
The Coward takes place in McHandy’s Hardware in the Al Fresca Plaza on the morning of the second day. It involves a cowardly man, Gordon Stalworth, who needs some persuasion to take his chances outside. In order to “convince” Gordon to leave the Hardware Store you need to throw a light object at Gordon.A very easy item is the several cardboard boxes behind the counter where Gordon is located.This scoop begins 9:00am and ends 3:00pm on September 20

Twin Sisters
Twin Sisters is an unmarked scoop

Twin Sisters takes place in Child’s Play in Paradise Plaza on the morning of the second day. A young woman, Pamela Tompkins, is being attacked by a mob of zombies in the moat in front of Child’s Play. Kill the zombies and recruit both sisters.This scoop starts 9:00am and ends 1:00pm on September 20

Case 3-1 The Professor’s Past
Case 3-1 The Professor’s Past is started by entering the Security Room and watching the corosponding cutscene. During this time between Case 3-1 and Case 4-1 Jessie and Dr.Barnaby will be in the agacent room to the left of the desk.This Case begins at 11:00 and expires at 12:00pm on September 20.

Restaurant Man
Frank finds a boarded up sandwich shop in Paradise Plaza around noon on the second day. A hungry survivor, Ronald Shiner, had barricaded himself in the store, and is desperately looking for food.The closest source of food is a Pie in Colombian Roastmasters on the second floor of Paradise Plaza.After Ronald eats the food he will do a hearty chuckle and have a “Outtake” photo op worth 10,000PP.This scoop begins 11:00am and ends 4:00pm on September 20 NOTE: Otis will call on September 20 at 7:00pm saying Ronald is hungry and if you do not respond Ronald will leave with Bill,Burt,Aaron,Sophie,Nathan,Michelle,Beth,Cheryl,Heather and Pamela

Photo Challenge

Photo Challenge takes place in Paradise Plaza at noon on the second day. If Frank completed Cut From the Same Cloth, this scoop should have automatically been added to Frank’s scoop cue
Kent Swanson wants an erotic photo which is over 500 Prestige Points.If Frank’s photo does not meet up to Kent’s standards, he will laugh at Frank and walk off, rendering him and a potential survivor to be never seen again.This scoop starts at 12:00pm and expires 1:00pm On September 20.

Above The Law
Above The Law takes place in the Lovely Fashion House in Wonderland Plaza, on the afternoon of the second day. It involves a corrupted police officer, Jo Slade, who has several women held hostage.Jo will begin to attack the other hostages the longer you take to do this scoop.This scoop begins September 20 12:00pm and ends September 21 12:00am.

Above The Law (Hostages)
In order to save all 4 survivors, it is wise to do this scoop as soon as you get it , otherwise Jo will start murdering her victims. It is possible to do this scoop relatively early and still only find Kay alive in the store.NOTE: Survivors are extremely difficult to escort and are worse in groups

The Cult
The Cult is a unmarked scoop

The Cult takes place in Paradise Plaza in the afternoon of the second day. It involves the True Eye cult and its leader Sean Keanan, who are about to sacrifice a young woman, Jennifer Gorman. Jennifer cannot be saved if the cultists are still alive they all have to be killed in order to free Jennifer.Colby’s movieland will be clear of zombies until the “A Strange Group” scoop the next day.This scoop begins September 20 1:00pm and expires September 21 10:00am

Hanging By A Thread
Hanging By A Thread is a unmarked scoop

Hanging By A Thread takes place in Wonderland Plaza in the afternoon of the second day. It involves Nick Evans and Sally Mills, who are dangling from a inflatable rabbit in an attempt to get away from the attacking zombies below.A “Drama” Photo op is available and worth 10,000 PP,Nick and Sally will lose health if they are left hanging for to long.This scoop will begin September 20 1:00pm and expires September 21 12:00am

Case 4-1 Another Source
Case 4-1 Another Source is activated by going to the Security Room after Otis calls Frank about seeing Isabella on The Surveillance Monitors

Case 4-2 Girl Hunting
Case 4-2 Girl Hunting has you once again travel to Seon’s Food & Stuff to encounter Isabella who is trying to flee on a Motorcycle.After defeating Isabella she asks Frank to meet her in a empty store in the North Plaza at midnight.

Antique Lover
Antique Lover takes place in Ned’s Knicknackery in the Entrance Plaza on the night of the second day. It involves rescuing an elderly man, Floyd Sanders, who believes the situation to be hopeless.It takes about One Minute and Thirty Seconds for Floyd to join.Floyd can run for a short while but will run out of breath and will walk instead of run. Luckily now the gate to Paradise Plaza will be open making it a short distance to the Security Room.This scoop starts September 20 5:00pm and expires September 21 12:00am NOTE: Otis will call on September 21 2:00am that Floyd wants wine you have until the end of the game to get Floyd wine.The closest area to get wine is in the Food Court

Mark Of The Sniper

Mark Of The Sniper takes place in the Entrance Plaza late into the second day. Frank finds three men armed with sniper rifles on the second floor Who Are Shooting at a terrified man who is hiding in a cosmetics shop to avoid their gunfire.Roger,Jack and Thomas all must be killed in order for Wayne Blackwell To join.if shot by either Jack or Roger they will high five and give you the opportunity for a photo op.This scoop starts September 20 5:00pm and Expires September 21 12:00am.

The Women Who Diden’t Make It
The Women Who Diden’t Make It Takes Place In the Entrance Plaza on the evening of the second day, Frank can find two women who have been separated. He will need to reunite the two and bring them to safety.When reunited Rachel and Jolie will hug and have a photo op worth 20,000 PP This scoop Begins September 20 5:00pm and Expires September 21 12:00am

Ronald’s Appetite
At 7:00pm on September 20 you will get a call from Otis about Ronald being hungry.Due to the fact that this is near the time you are in the Entrance Plaza dealing with the Snipers you can get a bag of chips from “Run Like The Wind” shoes store or a Pie from “Colombian Roastmasters”.If ignored Ronald will leave with Bill,Burt,Aaron,Sophie,Nathan,Beth,Michelle,Cheryl,Heather and Pamela.This scoop starts on September 20 7:00pm and expires on September 21 2:00am

Case 5-1 A Promise To Isabella
Isabella has asked Frank to meet her in a empty store at midnight in the North Plaza.After Frank reaches the destination Isabella bursts through the door with a zombie.The zombie then falls on top of her and starts to bite.A Reliable Way to kill the zombie on top of Isabella is by doing a Roundhouse Kick which can be preformed by jumping and attacking as soon as Frank hits the ground.

Case 5-2 Transporting Isabella
Case 5-2 Transporting Isabella has Frank carry Isabella and possibly escort Kindell Johnson to the Security Room

Dressed For Action
Dressed For Action is a unlisted scoop

Dressed For Action takes place in North Plaza at late night of the third day. It involves a lone survivor armed with a shotgun blasting his way around the North Plaza. Kindell will shoot at you just run towards him and he will stop shooting.NOTE: On September 21 12:00pm Otis will call Frank saying that Kindell is organising a escape he will leave with Jeff,Natalie,Leah,Josh,Barbara,Rich,Gordon,Jennifer,Gil and Wayne if ignored
This Scoop starts September 21 12:00am and expires September 21 6:00am

A Strange Group
A Strange Group takes place in Colby’s Movieland after midnight on the third day. The True Eye Cult and its leader, Sean Keanan, have captured several survivors and are preparing to sacrifice them.After deafeating Sean you can access the storage closet to free Cheryl.If Frank abandons the hostages after killing Sean Keanan, and does not open the Movieland warehouse door, all of the hostages will die within 30 minutes,Besides Cheryl for the scoops duration.This scoop begins 12:00am and expires 10:00am on September 21

A Strange Group (Hostages)

When Sean is Deafeated He Will Drop The Brainwashing Tips book this makes survivors more aggressive and easier to escort.NOTE: On September 21 9:00pm Otis will call about Cheryl wanting a favor when you return to the Security Room there will be a mini game involving taking pictures of Cheryl.

Gun Shop Standoff
The scoop place in Huntin’ Shack in North Plaza in the early morning of the third day.It involves three heavily armed survivors, Jonathan Picardsen, Brett Styles, and Alyssa Laurent, who have taken over the gun store.You will need a picture of the Air Duct in order to save these three survivors This scoop starts 1:00am and expires 5:00pm on September 21.If you are not interacting with the three survivors they will all die at 5:00pm

Floyd The Sommelier
On September 21 at 2:00am Otis will call Frank that Floyd wants wine.The closest way to get wine is in the Food Court.This scoop will only appear if there are three or more survivors (Not including Floyd) in the Yellow Room.The Survivors who are in the Yellow Room Are Tonya,Ross,Sally,Nick,Jolie,Rachel,Mindy,Debbie,Paul,Susan and Simone

The Drunkyard
The Drunkyard Is a Unmarked Scoop

It takes place in Chris’ Fine Foods in the Food Court on the early morning of the third day. It involves Gil Jimenez, a man who is dealing with the outbreak by drinking heavily.Gil is a drunk and has to be carried,This scoop starts at 2:00am and expires 5:00pm on September 21.There is a “Outtake” photo op of Gil shaking his fist worth 10,000 PP

Case 6-1 Santa Cabeza
Case 6-1 Santa Cabeza has Brad interrogate a awoken Isabella on what is really going on in Willamette. During Brad’s Interrogation Dr.Barnaby explains the production of Queens and how they cleaned up Santa Cabeza from the zombie parasite before turning into a zombie himself.

Long Haired Punk
Long Haired Punk takes place in Casual Gals in the Wonderland Plaza. Frank meets Paul Carson, a pyromaniac who is terrorizing two women with Molotov Cocktails.After Paul is defeated he will drop a Molotov Cocktail and begin to burn you can snap a “Outtake” photo op worth 10,000 PP.You can grab the fire extinguisher near Paul to put out the flames and save him as a Survivor.This scoop occurs at 5:00am and expires 5:00pm. NOTE: Frank will get a call from Otis about Paul a little while after at 5:00pm on September 21

A Sick Man
Frank can find an man with a neck injury hiding in Estelle’s Fine-lady Cosmetics in Wonderland Plaza during the morning of the third day.Suprisingly Leroy is the only survivor with any sickness or wound that does not have to be carried or escorted by hand and he can even use a weapon.This scoop begins at 8:00am and expires 4:00pm on September 21

The Woman Left Behind
The Woman Left Behind is a unlisted scoop

The Woman Left Behind takes place in the Play Park in Wonderland Plaza on the third day. It involves an elderly woman, Susan Walsh.Susan will be located on top of the giant soccor ball infront of the Food Court entrance.Your best solution for clearing the zombies is a Queen.Similar to Floyd,Susan is elderly and has to be held by the hand

Case 7-1 The Last Resort
Case 7-1 The Last Resort has Carlito make a announcement on the Mall’s PA talking to Isabella about how this is “The Last Resort” Frank must return to the Security Room.This case occurs at 11:00am and expires at 12:00pm on September 21

Case 7-2 Bomb Collector
Case 7-2 Bomb Collector has Frank head into the Maintinance Tunnels inorder to stop Carlito From blowing up the Mall.If Frank takes to long the Mall will blow up and you will get the worst ranking in the game

Photographer’s Pride
Photographer’s Pride takes place at noon in front of Colombian Roastmasters on the third day. Kent Swanson has now become hostile, and is holding Tad Hawthorne hostage.Once Kent is dead he drops the “Camera 2” book.If Frank arrives at Colombian Roastmasters after 12:05pm Kent will have shot his Photo and Tad will be killed and deemed unsaveable. Kent will then strip Frank of his clothing and weapons and be chained to the fountain in front of Jill’s Sandwiches.This scoop begins at 12:00pm and expires 1:00pm on September 2.

Kindell’s Betrayal
Frank must go back to the Security Room in the afternoon of the third day. Kindell Johnson, has decided to rally up a group of survivors to leave the Security Room, and Frank will need to convince him that it is not worth leaving the Security Room.If Ignored Kindell will oleave alongside Jeff,Natalie,Leah,Josh,Barbara,Rich,Gordon,Jennifer,Gil And Wayne.This scoop starts at 12:00pm and expires 5:00pm on September 21

A Woman In Despair
Frank can find an exhausted young woman who has been bitten by a zombie hiding in the CD store in Paradise Plaza during the afternoon of the third day.Simone will only join if you have complete Case 6-1 “Santa Cabeza” and learned about Isabella’s Medical Background otherwise she is unsaveable.NOTE: On September 21 8:00pm Frank will get a call from Otis about Simone wanting a Handgun as she is still worried she will turn.

Case 8-1 Jamming Device
After Frank returns from the Maintenance Tunnels there is a cutscene that leads into Case 8-2 Hideout. NOTE:You can head into the Maintenance Tunnels get in the Red Sports Car Enter,Turn Right,Turn On The First Left And Turn right Again to find a zombified Brad Garrison.You can take a picture of him for the achievement “Snuff Shot B”

Case 8-2 Hideout
Case 8-2 Hideout has you escort Isabella to the North Plaza and locate Carlito’s Hideout.Isabella has much better A.I than other survivors but you may still need to stay behind and clear a path for her.

Case 8-3 Jessie’s Discovery
Case 8-3 Jessie’s Discovery Frank heads back to the Security Room to find Jessie looking at the monitors to see Carlito being dragged into Meat Processing by a Butcher.She than asks Frank to check it out.

Case 8-4 The Butcher
Frank reaches Meat Processing in the Maintenance Tunnels and encounters Larry Chiang a Butcher who has become obssesed with his work.When he meets Frank he turns on the meat grinder and slowly has Carlito conveyed near the Grinder.If Frank takes to long Carlito will be killed and the rest of the cases will be locked out.After Larry is defeated Carlito will give Frank his locket to give to Isabella.

Paul’s Present
On September 21 at 5:00pm Frank will recive a call from Otis about Paul wanting to speak with Frank.When speaking to Paul, Frank will receive unlimited Molotov Cocktails any time he talks to Paul

Simone The Gunslinger
On September 21 At 8:00pm Frank will recieve a call from Otis about Simone wanting a Handgun.The easiest way to get a Handgun is by either going to the Huntin’ Shack or by killing a Police Zombie that’s equipped with one.Once given to Simone the request is fulfilled.

Cheryl’s Request
On September 21 At 9:00pm Frank will recive a call from Otis about Cheryl wanting something when Frank returns to the Security Room Cheryl will ask if Frank can take her picture after 4 or 5 shots Cheryl’s request will be fullfilled

The Facts
Frank tells Isabella about her brothers demise.Frank then gives Isabella,Carlito’s locket which just so happens to be the password to the computer she has been trying to unlock in doing so Isabella disabled the Jamming Device that has been stopping Jessie from contacting DHS headquarters.After she contacts HQ Jessie learns that the military is planning to wipe out both zombies and remaining survivors in Willamette.Jessie then removes her glasses and falls asleep.Later a military representative locates Jessie to take her out of Willamette.But instead of cooperating she attacks both soldiers as she has become infected from her recent attack from Dr.Barnaby.When Locating Jessie Frank notices her glasses and finds a zombified Jessie.Frank can also find a note from Otis that he has escaped from Willamette by stealing a military Helicopter.Frank can take a picture of Jessie and get the “Snuff Shot J” achievement.And to put the cherry on top The Military Enters The Mall to clear it out.

Overtime Mode Pt 1
After the Special Forces enter the mall Frank And Isabella are alone in Carito’s Hideout.Isabella tells Frank to save himself and to leave her in the Hideout.Frank reaches the Helipad and waits for Ed Deluca to come pick him up in his Helicopter.When Ed spots Frank on the roof he starts up the Helicopter and flys towards Frank but as soon as Frank sees the Helicopter he notices a lone zombie behind Ed.The zombie then bites Ed and the helicopter crash lands in the clock tower of Leisure Park.After the crash Frank slumps on the ground as zombies swarm him Isabella sprints on the Rooftop and runs towards Frank when she reaches him Frank faints.

Overtime Mode Pt 2
After Frank fainted Isabella dragged him to Carlito’s Hideout only to tell him that he has become infected withthe zombie parasite and will become a zombie in the next 24 Hours.Isabella then tells Frank that she has invented a prototype drug that will make the effects be delayed for some time.She then sends Frank into the mall to locate the supplies to create the zombie drug (Locations and Strategies will be made on the category below this one) When Frank returns with all the items the power cuts out and Frank needs to head to Leisure Park inorer to get a backup generator.When in Leisure Park,Frank finds a tunnel created by the wreakage of Ed Deluca’s crash landing that will lead him and Isabella to safety.Frank returns to Isabella and she tells him that he must get 10 Adult Queens.Frank finds the Queens and now Isabella gives Frank a dose of the drug.Frank then shows Isabella the Tunnel and the two of them use a zombie deterrent to menuver the tunnel.At the end of the tunnel Frank spots a Humvee and gets in with Isabella.

Overtime Mode Pt 3 (Brock)
When Frank and Isabella board the Humvee they come across a active tank commanded by non other then Brock Mason the leader of the Santa Cabeza operation and now the Willamette Incident.This fight is a joke all you got to do is shoot the blinking lights above the treads of the tank but if Brock spawns drones prioritize the drones as they can do decent damage.When defeated Brock gets out of the Tank and fights Frank hand to hand.To beat Brock easily there are 2 easy methods.Method one is by standing on the lower level of the tank and attacking Brock’s ankles.method two is by creating a Spitfire and activating it before entering the Humvee before the battle with the tank.After Brock is defeated he will fall off the tank into the hoard of zombies and be killed.

Overtime Mode (Item Locations and Queen methods)

  • First Aid Kit(Seon’s Food & Stuff)
  • Magnifying Glass(Wonder Jewels,Wonderland Plaza)
  • Cold Spray(SportranceF2,Paradise Plaza)
  • Blender(Colombian Roastmasters,Paradise Plaza)
  • Developing Solution(Cam’s Camera,Paradise Plaza)
  • Coffee Filter(Security Room)
  • Camp Stove(Sports High,Entrance PlazaF1)
  • Perfume Bottle(Estelle’s Fine Ladies Cosmetics,Entrance PlazaF2)

The best way to get queens is first by heading to Contemporary Reading in paradise Plaza which is just across from the Security Room and grab the Weekly Photo Magazine from the store.This magazine will allow Frank to see presteige point stickers above zombies heads.Any green PP sticker is a zombie with a queen.This book and Nectars will allow Frank to breeze through getting the Ten Queens.

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