This is a Guide to help you get all 63 achievements in Death Stranding. I compiled it as I played the game and hope I can clarify some of the misunderstandings I had at the beginning. This way you should be able to collect all achievements without doing too much repetitive and unfun stuff. I sincerly hope I didn’t put any spoilers in there somewhere.



I divided all achievements into different sections and put them roughly in the order I got them myself. I hope this overview is appealing and clear so it can help you to plan on how to get all achievements yourself. There are lot of achievements you get by just playing the game and following the main story, so I can’t really give tips for those.
Some last notes:

  • If something is unclear, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll do my best to clarify things.
  • If you have any suggestions / tips on completing an achievement an easier way, make sure to type it out in the comments and I will credit you.
  • Use Ctrl+F and write the name of a specific achievement in order to quickly find it (for some reason, Steam doesn’t allow the word h*o*m*o written in plain text, I used a 0(zero) number for the achievement Hom0 Faber, so can type “Hom” to find it).

Story Achievements

The Story contains 14 chapters, every chapter gives you an achievement after completing it (I won’t provide any information for those since you can’t miss them). Some additional achievements are naturally unlocked by completing all story-relevant orders, although a few of those can also be done independently from above mentioned story-relevant orders.

Delievering Is What I Do
Complete the prologue: Porter.

Rebuilding America
Complete Episode 1: Bridget.

A New Day For The UCA
Connect your first new affiliate to the UCA.

Right at the beginning of chapter 2 you get the order to connect the Waystation West of Capital Knot City to the chiral network. Do that and the achievement will pop up.

Catcher Crusher
Defeat a Catcher.

It it possible to kill a catcher (the big fishy BT that appears after the ‘human’ BTs get ahold of you) just randomly when you walk around, but when you reach Port Knot City it is story-related to kill one.

We Need You
Complete Episode 2: Amelie.

All Roads Lead to the UCA
Complete your first road.

After reaching the Distribution Center South of Port Knot City you get the order to build a road.

I Won’t Break
Complete Episode 3: Fragile.

Complete Episode 4: Unger.

We’re Whole Again
Complete Episode 5: Mama.

BBs: A Bridge Between This World and the One Beyond
Complete Episode 6: Deadman.

Complete Episode 7: Clifford.

Sixty Deaths and Sixty Births in a Day
Complete Episode 8: Heartman.

The Particle of God
Complete Episode 9: Higgs.

I’m Your Die-Hardman
Complete Episode 10: Die-Hardman.

Bring Back My Baby
Complete Episode 11: Clifford Unger.

She’s waiting for you on the Beach
Complete Episode 12: Bridges.

Thank You, Sam
Complete Episode 13: Sam Strand.

Thanks for Everything
Complete Episode 14: Lou.

Delivery Achievements

Before I start with this section, let me clarify the following: All orders in Death Stranding are divided into four categories: Condition, Time, Quantity and Miscellaneous. Each category has a specific symbol that will help to see what order counts towards what category. This information can be especially helpful towards the Birth of a Legend, Growth of a Legend and Great Deliverer achievements.
Good Samaritan
Deliever your first piece of lost cargo.To find lost cargo, use (Q/R1/RB) to scan the sorrounding area. It shouldn’t be very hard, the world of Death Stranding is full of lost cargo.Prominent Porter
Reach Grade 10 in any delivery evaluation category.Accumulation Achievement. Just a little patience and you’ll get it.

Everyday Delivery
Complete a standard order.

After reaching the Wind Farm in the Eastern Region you can take on Standard Orders at any terminal right under “Orders for Sam”. You will have to complete a lot of them in order to collect all achievements.

Deliveries Done
Complete 36 standard orders.

Whenever you’re headed somewhere and have free space on your back or a vehicle, I’d recommend taking on some standard orders aswell. You can set standard orders to “premium” to get even more likes if you fulfill the additional requirements. Beginning early with these premium orders can safe you time later with the Birth of a Legend and Growth of a Legend achievements. Unless you want to spent some extra time in the world of Death Stranding.

Well Connected
Reach connection level three with any facility.

Accumulation Achievement. Just a little patience and you’ll get it.

The People’s Porter
Reach a total of 2,400 Likes on the Results Screen.

Accumulation Achievement. Just a little patience and you’ll get it.

Building Bridges
Reach Bridge Link Grade 1.

Bridge Link is displayed as the top spike of the star on the result screen. Getting likes from other players increases your level. You should get this relatively early in the game.

A Helping Hand
Issue your first supply request.

You can male a supply request via your cufflinks or the terminal in your private quarters. Select the item you want delieverd and the facility it should be delievered to and you get this achievement.

The Automation Revolution
Complete a standard order with a delivery bot.

After reaching the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City Mama will introduce you to auto-delivery bots. She’ll walk you through how to use it by making you issue the first order with it. Now, to get this achievement you have to wait for the bot to reach its destination to use it again (the second delievery, your first ‘real’ one). After the bot succesfully delievers this order, the achievement should pop up.

Travel 80 km and complete an order.

Accumulation Achievement. Just a little patience and you’ll get it.

Pumped Porter
Deliever 3,000 kg of cargo.

Accumulation Achievement. Just a little patience and you’ll get it.

The World’s Most Popular Porter
Reach a total of 50,000 Likes on the Results Screen.

Like the achievement The People’s Porter. You need a total number of 50,000 likes. If you get them while roaming around in the world, the achievement should pop up after you complete an order at any terminal.

Hooked on Delievering!?
Deliver 700 items of cargo.

Accumulation Achievement. Just a little patience and you’ll get it.

Equipment Achievements

Apprentice Builder
Complete your first structure (signs, ladders, and climbing anchors also count).Especially in the beginning of the game you are not very mobile and have to navigate through rough terrain. A ladder or climbing rope will help you with that. Press 1 and choose the structure you want to build.Master Builder
Complete at least one of every type of structure (including signs, ladders, and climbing anchors).After you begin Chapter 5 in Mama’s lab, you will get the zipline addition to your PCC. This is the last structure you need for this achievement. Just build everything you can with a PCC lvl.2.

  • ladder
  • climbing anchor
  • sign (open compass (G) and press 5 to select from a large variety of signs)
  • Bridge (PCC lvl. 1)
  • Postbox (PCC lvl. 1)
  • Generator (PCC lvl. 1)
  • Watchtower (PCC lvl. 1)
  • Timefall Shelter (PCC lvl. 1)
  • Safehouse (PCC lvl. 2)
  • Zipline (PCC lvl. 2)

Giver of Gifts
Make your first donation of weapons, equipment, etc.

On every terminal you find the option “Donate Equipment”. There you can send pieces of equipment to an online storage every player can access. You can claim stuff other people put in there aswell.

Boots Are a Porter’s Best Friend
Change footwear for the first time.

Depending on the difficulty, your shoes will dissipate over time. You can get new shoes by finding them lying around or by crafting a pair of new ones at a terminal.

Miscellaneous Achievements
Like and Be Liked
Give your first like.Whenever you see a structure built by another player, you can press 5 to give a like. When passing signs you can’t even prevent it from happening.A Baby Blessing
Get a Like from BB.You can look at the Childminder achievement to get some tips on how to get likes from BB. But I think you will get your first like before even having the chance to do most of the stuff I mention there.

Sleep Tight, Little BB
Soothe a crying BB and stop the crying for the first time.

When you trip and fall or get into a fight with BTs, BB will start crying. Press (G/L1/LB) to open the compass, look down, press (3/Dpad down) to take the BB and press (F/☐/X) to soothe him by pressing (W/LS) or shake your controller repeatedly.

Soothing Sounds
Use the music player for the first time.

In your private quarters you can access the music player via your terminal. Just play any song and you get this achievement.

Chiral Crafter
Recycle chiral crystals for the first time.

While walking around the world of Death Stranding you will come across little gold hand-shaped formations on the ground called chiral crystals. You need them to fabricate structures and equipment and as fule for the floating carrier. To harvest them, you need the chiral crystal harvester. You will get this device as soon as you accept [Order No. 8] Collection: Chiral Crystals after reaching the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City.
In general, chiral cristal can be found randomly on the ground as well as after killing BTs. You can detect them with (Q/R1/RB) and can pick them up by holding (F/☐/X).

A Thirst for Knowledge
Restore your first memory chip.

There are 56 memory chips spread across all parts of the map. Some are detectable from the start, others will only appear after reaching 2,3,4 or 5 stars at facilies or reading specific E-Mails from preppers where they report of weird glowing objects in the vicinty of their shelters. Chances are high you’ll stumble across one at some point. When you use your odradek to scan the sorroundings, memory chips will be pinged with their symbol like lost cargo or chiral crystals. (There’s also an achievement to collect them all where I provide further information, see Fount of Knowledge)

I Couldn’t Hold it In!
Pee outside for the first time.

Press (1/ Dpad Right) and equip the symbol with the peeing kid. Press (right mouse button/L2/LT) to prepare and hold (left mouse button/R2/RT) until Sam is finished. You have to do this outside, peeing in your private quarters doesn’t count for this achievement.

The Custom Kid
Aquire your first piece of customization data.

By completing deliveries, you raise the connection level with facilities and unlock customization data for your structures. If you’re going for the Best Beloved achievement, you’ll unlock everything eventually.

Snooze ‘n’ Soothe
Heal by sleeping for the first time.

You can sit down by holding (C/O/B) and sleep to recover and restore your blood levels by holding (F/☐/X). You can only do this as long there is no “potential threat” like rain or BTs in your proximity.
A Shout in the Dark
Send a shout out and have it returned for the first time.

Press (5/Touchpad) to shout. To get this achievement, another player has to hear you and return a shout, so you’ll have the best chances when trying this near big cities or distribution centers.

Public Service Porter
Dispose of chiralium-contamindated cargo in the crater lake for the first time.

When you reach the Junk Dealer for the first time, he asks you to get rid of chiralium-contaminated cargo in the crater lake. Just take some from next to his shelter (there is always plenty of it there) and head south. When you arrive, equip the contaminated cargo to your hand, press (V☐/X) and click the mouse button to throw it.

Soak and Sigh
Take your first hot spring bath.

There are multiple hot springs you can go to on the map. I used the Crater Digestive Bath that’s located between the Junk Dealer and the Film Director. For all hot springs I can recommend the app I mention below for the Fount of Knowledge achievement.
Crater springs and lakes also allow you to spend time there when you transport people.

Any Porter in a Storm
Trade with another porter for the first time.

At some point in the Central Region you’ll come across npc porters. They often hang around preppers’ shelters or waystations. Stand in front of them with something equiped on your hand (like a PCC). When they hand you their cargo, you have to press a mousebutton (the one you don’t have something equiped on) to accept it. After that click the other mouse button (the one with your cargo) and you should put in the ground. After the npc porter picks it up you should get this achievement.

Help porters through a MULE or terrorist area for the first time.

Go to a MULE or terrorist area. There you need to neutralize every single enemy in this particular camp. Use only non-lethal weapons, you don’t want to cause a voidout.

Rest in Pieces
In a BT area, cut an umbilical cord for the first time without the BT noticing.

In Chapter 5 after returning from Mountain Knot City to Mama’s Lab, she gives you a modified cuff link with the ‘cut umbilical cord’ addition. Only after aquring that, you can tackle this achievement.
In a BT area, use crouch to slowly approach a BT. Use your odradek to locate them. Click (Alt/R1/RB) from time to time to hold your breath. When you’re close enough, the option use (F/☐/X) to cut umbilical cord should pop up.

God Particle Go-Getter

After completing the 4th and last pizza delivery for Peter Englert, the door in his shelter should be open for you to go in. Alternatively, after completing Episode 14 of the mainstory the door should also be open.
(Please do yourself a favor and don’t hover over the spoiler beam if you don’t want to find out who  is until you reach this point in the game.)

Completionist Achievement

If you played the game in a similar fashion I did, you will have some achievements left to collect after finishing the main story. I put them in this category because you can make progress for nearly all of them simultaneously by delivering standard orders (preferably as “premium”).

The Post Guides the Present
Read 100 mails.

The Past Guides the Present
Read 100 interviews.

By completing orders and increasing the connection level (while simultaneously farming for the Birth of a Legend and Growth of a Legend achievements), you will trigger a lot of E-Mails and interviews.

Reach maximum connection level with BB.

You need a lot of likes from BB for this. The following will help you get them: Taking photos in front of the mirror in your private quarters, going fast with vehicles, zip-lines or sceletons, killing big BTs, finding you blance shortly before tripping, soothing him, playing the harmonica to him. You’ll get the harmonica from The Musician. Connecting him to the chiral network early on lets you benefit from this for a longer time.(See Prepper Locations in my guide for a video on how to find The Musician)

Upgrade all types of structure to the maximum level.

Just upgrade the seven structures you can build with a PCC lvl. 2 to the third level. You don’t need you build them in the first place, you can upgrade those from other players aswell.

In Sam We Trust
Connect all facilities to the UCA.

Not all preppers are immediately persuaded by the “new united nation”-idea when you first encounter them. They will try out the chial network without UCA affiliation at one star connection level and will join the UCA for good at two star connection level.
There are also 6 preppers that you won’t meet as a part of the main story (these additional preppers are listed in section below).

Prepper Locations

  • Luden’s Fan. Eastern Region. East of the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City.

  • The Musician. Eastern Region. West of the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City.

  • The Collector. Central Region. South of the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City.

  • The Veteran Porter. Central Region. Northwest of the Timefall Farm.

  • The Novelist’s Son. Central Region. Southwest of the Distribution Center North of Mountain Knot City.

  • The First Prepper. Central Region. South of the Spiritualist.

Completionist Achievements (Cont’d)

Best Beloved
Reach maximum connection level with all facilities.This achievement is the biggest grind in the game. I don’t think I can give many usefull tips here, you just have to deliver orders to every facility and prepper until the likes are enough to reach five star connection level.
You get a star patch for your suit from every facility you reach a five star connection level with. If you have all it looks like this:
Great Deliverer
Reach Grade 60 in all delivery evaluation categories.There are five evaluation categories: Volume, Time, Condition, Miscellaneous and Bridge Link.

  • Delivery Volume: I’d recommend using a truck and just packing as much cargo as you can on it. Big facilities like Lake Knot City, Distibution Center South of Lake Knot City and South Knot City often have big supply or material requests with several hundred kilos.
  • Delivery Time: All time-sensitive orders will help you with this. The Film Director has one particular order for Lake Knot City that gives 2,500+ likes for completing it. Don’t forget to bring a truck.
  • Cargo Condition: Whenever you see “[Fragile]” standing in front of an order, you have to deliever the packages with minimum damage. Using a truck can help you here aswell, because cargo in trucks only get damage when you drive it off a cliff and smash it on the ground. As long as you avoid that, you should be good to go.
  • Miscellaneous: Everything that isn’t part of Volume, Time or Condition will be sorted into this category. It was the first of the four mentioned so far that I reached level 60 in.
  • Bridge Link: This category is all about interactions with other players. You get likes when you pass signs, deliver lost cargo or when other players use structures you built. The fastest way to level up is to build roads. Everybody uses them.

Birth of a Legend
Complete at least 10 unique premium deliveries in each order category with an evaluation of “Legend,” “Legend of Legends,” or “Legend of Legends of Legends.”

Growth of a Legend
Complete at least 20 unique premium deliveries in each order category with an evaluation of “Legend,” “Legend of Legends,” or “Legend of Legends of Legends.”

For these two you have to set the standard oders to premium. On difficulty normal you get Legend-, on hard you get Legend of Legends- and on very hard you get Legend of Legends of Legends-evaluation. You need to complete unique orders for these achievements, doing the same multiple times only counts as one.

Hom0 Faber
Fabricate all available weapons and equipment.

Raising the connection level with facilities unlocks all kinds of equipment (you will unlock everything but one item by raising the connection level with each facility to five stars). Most of the craftable stuff has a little box in the item overview (as you can see on the screenshot). If the little box is checked it means you already fabricated it. If there is no box, producing this particular item doesn’t count towards this achievement (that’s the case for the different styles of sceletons for example). Note that one vehicle is only unlocked after retrieving memory stick #31. It’s the bike in “Ride with Norman Reedus”-style.

Fount of Knowledge
Restore all memory chips.

You can use the interactive map[](<-click on the word)

This map contains all facilities, MULE territories, memory chips, hot springs and points of interest. You can mark them as found and plot your own ideal route to retrieve all 56 (or how much you’re still missing, probably less than 56) memory chips. I used the Fragile Jump to collect them all in the Eastern Region, then the Western Region and then I went from Lake Knot City to the Timefall Farm and from the Craftsmen to Mountain Knot City in the Central Region.

Here is an additional tip:
If you’ve completed the story, go to Options -> Game settings -> Show signs containing spoilers and set it to “Show All”. This will show “Memory Chip” signs placed by the other players and will make them easier to find. This way you can spot some of the chips while doing other activities

There is also a guide for this achievement(<-click on the word)

I used both: With the map I plottet my own route. The man in the guide collects them in the game defined order which requires a lot of jumps arcross the map. But this guide also lists requirements to unlock the memory chips, because some only appear after reading a particular E-Mail.

I wanted to show you your options, so can decide for yourself how you want to do it. Maybe you find a better way somewhere else or compile one yourself. If you do, leave a comment so other players can profit from your knowledge.


After you unlock the last of the 62 above mentioned achievements, you will be rewarded with the 100% achievement.
Greatest of Great Deliverers
Obtained all Death Stranding achievements.

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