Decarnation: “Fleur & Bleue Fan” Achievement Guide

Having difficulty with the rhythm game segments to get the achievement “Fleur & Bleue Fan”? Here’s some advice based on what I personally did to get the achievement! I hope this helps.


The main issues

So, this achievement is decently difficult to get, even if you’re pretty good at rhythm games. Why might that be? I’ve put it down to two main issues:

  • The prompts aren’t in sync with the music.

This one is the big one – the prompts are just a slight amount out of sync with the actual music, meaning that if you’re going with the music (as is usually the course with rhythm games), you’re completely screwed. You’ll end up barely scoring and almost never properly hitting any prompts.

  • There aren’t any lag input adjustment options.

Usually something like the slightly out of rhythm prompts can be mitigated by lag input adjustment, a stock standard offering with any rhythm based game. However, since it’s only a small part of the whole game, there are no options to change it to make it more accurate or easier to hit.

So , how do we get around these?

The Strategy

Your first course of action is to focus SOLELY on the visual prompts. If you base it on the music, as mentioned above, you’ll sink any chance of getting this achievement. The leniency for a Perfect (100) note is pretty wide, mostly favouring late inputs. If you wait until each note physically hits or just starts leaving the circle, you’ll be fine.

If you’re still struggling, I highly recommend just completely muting the music entirely and playing the game in complete silence. Once I did this and focused solely on the visuals, I got five stars on each song right away.

I hope these tips and insight into why the rhythm game doesn’t entirely work helps you out on your way to achieving 100%!

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