Deep Space Battle Simulator: Achievement Guide

A brief guide for the nine achievements. Not a difficult game, but took me a minute or two to try to find ways to do this in single player since the servers are usually dead. Thankfully all nine achievements can be obtained in single player and within two hours or so.



New Recruit
Finish the tutorial

Description says it all. There’s three training missions. I got the achievement for completing one of the three. Not sure if bugged, but considering the how involved the mechanics are for such a simple game I’m glad since the second and third missions aren’t very clear.

Winning Rounds

Beginner’s Luck
Win your first round

Getting the Hang of It
Win 10 rounds

The Very Best
Win 50 rounds

Thankfully, you don’t not need to play multiplayer to win a round. Game can be played single player but can be pretty dull. For these achievements just put the game on the easiest difficulty and player against freighters instead of capital scale cruisers.

Fly toward the enemy, fire all guns as fast as you can. Assign AI to take control of turrets . Can eve take a fighter and fly behind the enemy craft toward the the thrusters till you’re out of field of view from enemy cannons. in Easy mode the enemy will not move just sit idling.


Flight Cadet
Deal 100 damage with smaller fighters

Flight Lieutenant
Deal 5,000 damage with smaller fighters

Squadron Leader
Deal 50,000 damage with smaller fighters

This needs to be done in fighters. You can run to the hanger, grab a fighter and take off for the enemy guns blazing. Enemy ships have guns and fighters of their own to take you down. If you’re playing in Easy and sit behind the enemy thrusters they can’t harm you once all cannons lose their field of view.

*Bugged* I calculated the damage and added up the points as they were displayed while trying to get these achievements, but thankfully it can be tracked via Steam progress.


Repair 10 engines or generators

Super easy – find the engine room in your ship – easier to find if you’re in a freighter rather than a capital scale cruiser but the same method. Take your weapon and fire at your engine till it’s starts smoking. Use Repair action when you are prompted to do so until engine is at max durability. Rinse and repeat. Can be done in one sitting.

Super Laser

That’s No Moon
Fire the super laser

Needs to be used in a cruiser. Before the battle make sure to upgrade one of your weapons to the super laser. Start game and fire when ready – don’t even need to hit the enemy or even deal damage. Considering how hard it is to hit with the thing I consider this convenience a blessing.

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