Desert Of The Dead Full Walkthrough (Bugs Fix)

I’ll cover some of the bugs that appear as well as a basic walkthrough in case you get stuck



There are 9 sections in the game that are playable where you have to kill people. I will only cover the more “difficult” parts of the game here that may confuse people.

Don’t touch the enemies or their projectiles and you won’t die. standing still will lead to your death, so just keep swimming. Sometimes you will get stuck on objects / structures due to their hitboxes, so try to cross object without a lot of pointy bits.

When you see this on the top left of your screen, you have unlimited ammo. You will however have to wait for each reload.

When the numbers can be seen, then you have limited ammo. The only stage this happens in is the mansion, where you can pick up ammo scattered across different rooms.

(in this example you only have 1 shot left)

You have a secondary ability of Teleport by Right-clicking to the position you wish to teleport in. You have naturally 3 charges, and any subsequent charges require you to pickup “blue ammo boxes”.

3 charges left

No charges left

To enter the mansion, you will need to unlock the door. The key can be found in the top right by the door of the shack.

Once inside the mansion, you will need to find another key to open another locked door. The location of the key is on the second floor.

First floor map

Second floor map


Audio bug
– In some parts of the game, your audio may overlap. Unfortunately nothing much you can do to stop it. It doesn’t happen every time though, so maybe you are the lucky ones.

Text box glitch
– Some textboxes may glitchout / spasm.

Back to menu screen
– Pressing Esc will bring you back to the menu screen. Your savepoint is set automatically before every new stage, so not too much progress will be lost. Not exactly a bug but it confuses people.

Sudden death
– Hitboxes of enemies are quite large, don’t let them touch you. Not a bug.
– Clicking Right-click will activate Skill, which is Teleportation. If you are aiming at an enemy and teleport on them, you will die. Not a bug but slightly confusing to understand.

Not reloading
– Sometimes your character doesn’t reload, reload the stage by pressing Esc.

[Spoilers] Lore + Full Walkthrough

(image outside bar here)

You arrive by train to a Bar, upon entering you will talk to the bartender. (There are 3 other customers who will have no dialogue)

(image of bar here)

[you always speak as ]
“Welcome, where you come from?”
“From the east.”
“Why did you come to this desert?”
“I came to visit my family.”
“Be careful there are a lot of gangsters.”
“WHAT IS IT?!!!”

There will be 5 gangsters outside which you have to shoot and kill.
You also have the ability to Teleport.

(image of gangsters here)

After killing all the the gangsters you will start walking upwards along some electricity lines until you arrive at a small town, where you will continue killing everyone in sight [3 to 4 people]. I’m gonna assume they were also gangsters (unless we just massacred the town for no reason).

(image of town here)

We then continue to the Corn farmhouse where we will talk to an American farmer.

(image of farmhouse here)

“Hi Bob, where is Mom?”
“She disappeared in the next village.”
“Why didn’t you go after her?”
“I only care about my corn.”
“F*ck your corn!!!”

You will immediately be thrown into the next stage (presumably the next town) where you will also kill everyone in sight [8-9 people]. (The villagers are also equipped with assault weapons which is pretty funny.)

(image of town 2)

After killing everyone you will immediately be thrown onto a moving train, and you have to kill all of the horseback riders chasing after you. (You’ll have a sniper? xd)

(image of you on train)

After the killing you’ll sit on the train and talk to yourself.

“Time is short.”
“The sunset is coming, we must hurry.”

Immediately after the cutscene you’ll be thrown into an abandoned / rough looking town, where you have to kill [7-8 people].

(image of town 3)

Upon the killing you’ll start walking towards and talk to a cactus with a hat.

(image of cactus)

“Cool cowboy hat.”
“Do you want my juice?”
“Not today.”

(image of town 4)

In the next town you’ll be protecting a woman in a red dress, and have to kill [8 people]. You will then process to talk.

“Thank you for saving me.”
“Where are all the inhabitants?”
“They all disappeared.”
“Not far from here there is a mansion.”
“My father works there, he will help.”

At night you will walk along the fence until you reach an opening and arrive at the mansion. You will retrieve the key from a shack in the top right corner. The mansion has 2 egyptian statues at the front.

(image of mansion here)

Upon entering the mansion you will have to make your way to the second floor, where you will have to retrieve a key from one of the rooms to open a locked door. There will be ghouls blocking your path and with your genius intellect you will manage to find the key, kill some of the ghouls, and open the locked door.
 (image of ghoul)
(image of key)
(image of unlocked locked door)
Upon opening the locked door you will talk to the man in a white coat. Around the room are 3 ghouls in incubation chambers, 1 ghoul and 1 human, both dissected on some tables.

(image of whole room)
(image of ghouls)
(image of the dissected)

“Did you create these ghouls?”
“They are only part of my plan.”
“What’s the plan?”
“They know who you are.”
“Who are you talking about?”

You will be teleported outside next to a campfire, confused, but you decide to fall asleep and deal with this tomorrow. You will see cacti not too far behind you.

“Where was it?”
“Where am I?”
“Who made this fire?”
“Will have to sleep here.”
“In the morning I will go.”

In the morning you will immediately kill 5 ghouls in the next town.

(image of town 5)

Upon the killing you will arrive at a church/chapel. You will talk to the priest standing by the door.

(image of chapel)

“It’s not safe here, go away.”
“God will protect me.”
“But the church needs donations.”
“Want to donate?”

The priest will then leave. As they exit the screen, you will have to start defending an old man with his cart at a new location from 25 ghouls.

(image of old man with cart and the ghouls)

The old man will then bring you to a radio station. You will talk to yourself.

(image of radio tower)
(image of inside the radio tower)

“Need to notify people in cities.”
“What would they leave for the capital.”

In the next town, you’ll have to kill more ghouls. One of which has magic projectiles and a floating shield. You will use your teleportation power to defeat then.

(image of town 6)
(image of ghoul with shield)

While on the train to your next destination, the train will be stopped by a group of people consisting of 8 gangsters and the man in the while coat.

(image of group of people)

“You thought it was easy to escape.”
“You have not revealed your plan.”
“What are you talking about?”

The man in the white coat will pull out a pistol and shoot you dead.

(image of you being dead)


The old man in the cart will move your body across the desert to the mansion laboratory.

(image of old man carrying you)

Inside the laboratory, the woman in the red dress will talk to a figure in black. They will talk.

(image of you in chamber and two people)

“What about him?”
“For now I’m studying it.”
“Are his health indicators normal?”
“For man there is no, but…”

The figure in black will be revealed as the cactus with the hat from before.

(image of revealed cactus)

“He is not a man.”

End credits

The ending is a bit ambiguous, either we become some type of super human or become a ghoul. I’s certainly not too clear, at least not to my 4 brain cells.

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