Detroit Become Human: Best Ending Guide

Spoiler Alert! | How to get the best ending for all our favourite characters (or at least what I think the best ending is, who knows maybe you’re the kind of person who likes murdering innocent androids).


Become Deviant
Maintain a good relationship with Hank
Don’t let Hank die
Join Jericho
Markus must Survive

Choices Guide:
– The Hostage –
Save the Fish, Gain Daniel’s trust, Suggest Compromise to Daniel’s requests then watch Daniel get Shot

– Partners –
Buy Hank another Drink

– The interrogation –
Probe Deviant’s Memory, Don’t intervene

– Waiting for Hank… –
Ask Hank about his dog, what music he likes, and any other option without the unlock icon

– On the Run –
If Kara is spotted by the Police don’t go after her and Alice

– The Nest –
Apologise for behaviour, Talk about Cholesterol in Hank’s Burger, Tell Hank the Truth about knowing information about him, Save Hank

– Russian Roulette –
Make sure to find Hank’s son’s picture and question Hank about his gun

– The Eden Club –
Spare the Deviants

– The Bridge –
Don’t ask Hank about his son, say the Truth about not shooting the Eden club Deviants, say Yes about being afraid of dying

– Public Enemy –
Be Conflicted about Amanda having to replace you, Don’t go onto the roof (unless you wanna kill poor Simon), Pick ‘use gun’ option when stopping the Kitchen Deviant

– Meet Kamski –
Be Troubled about being a Deviant, Spare Chloe

– Last Chance, Connor –
Be Emotional about Kamski when talking with Amanda, Ask Amanda about the Connor Series, and Secrets, Be troubled about sparing Chloe, Be Sincere with Hank

– Crossroads –
Become Deviant

– Battle of Detroit –
Save Hank, Interpose when hank tries to attack the other Connor, Hank’s dog’s name is Sumo and Hank’s son’s name is Cole (you should unlock this if you look at his son’s picture back in Russian Roulette)


Maintain good relationships with Alice and Luther
Keep Alice and Luther alive
Get on the Bus
Sacrifice no one at Border control (if Markus is performing a Peaceful Demonstration)

Choices Guide:
– A New Home –
Talk to Alice (any option is good except ‘Mother’), Open the box Alice gives you the key to

– Stormy Night –
Run away with Alice (either get to Alice before or slightly after Todd)

– Fugitives –
Promise Alice you’ll stay together forever

– Zlatko –
Free the Monsters, Find Alice and regain your memory (if you lose it), Let Luther join you

– The Pirate’s Cove –
Be Sincere with Alice, Kiss Alice goodnight

– Midnight Train –
Kiss Alice Goodnight

– Crossroads –
Hug Alice when you find out she’s an Android, Help Luther when he’s shot, Open the door and let the other androids in (unless you don’t want to do quick time events), Play dead, and Don’t Move

– Battle for Detroit –
Save Luther, go the Checkpoint way, Make the Alice Excuse, Stay Calm, say Alice is cold, Do Nothing, Do nothing again, Keep the tickets, get on the bus and try not to bump into Todd, Sacrifice no one at border control (if Markus is doing a peaceful demonstration).


Keep a positive Public Opinion
Maintain a good relationship with Jericho
Keep North, Simon, and Josh alive (it’s not required but it’s nice)

Choices Guide:
– Time to Decide –
Don’t ask North ‘You’

– Spare Parts –
Free CyberLife androids in big container, Accept the security android joining Jericho, Steal Truckload of parts

– The Stratford Tower –
Ruse the front guards, Spare the escaping employee, Perform a peaceful speech (calm, whatever android claims you want, peaceful), Spare Simon and leave him behind

– Capitol Park –
Successfully break into the store, Look at the android North is looking at, Free as many androids as possible, pick pacifist options when transforming the park (hack signs and android parking stations, Graffiti windows, Leave a smoke screen behind (you can break the glass keeping the other androids trapped if you want (to raise your Jericho relationship), it’ll make your violent meter go up but it doesn’t matter too much as long as you do other peaceful actions)) Spare the police men at the end

– Freedom March –
Be Sincere about your past when talking to North, Ask about North’s past, Ask about the other North in the shop, choose ‘Understanding’ afterwards, Convert/Free as many androids as you can, Stand your ground, Stand your ground again, then sacrifice yourself (if you let the security android from ‘Spare Parts’ join you then he will save you from dying)

– Crossroads –
To get Connor’s system instability up choose: Reason, Convince, Appeal, Question, Rally
When going to blow up Jericho try and intervene to save as many androids as possible, Save Josh, Save North

– Night of the Soul –
Trust Connor, Pick to do a Peaceful Demonstration

– Battle of Detroit –
Speak Peacefully, Speak Calmly, Raise hands, Raise your flag when in the barricade, Put up the sign, Resist Perkins’ surrender proposal, Kiss North or Sing

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