DEVOUR: Best Perks for each Map

Which perks are the best (in my opinion) for all 5 maps currently in the game

The Farmhouse

Evader is a very strong perk that is great on almost every map, including farmhouse so long as you are able to navigate the map well and are careful to avoid demons

Fast worker is another generally strong perk that is useful for pouring fuel faster, other than this it is not that great on farmhouse and you should generally only have 1 person running it at a time

The Asylum

Evader also dominates on this map, if slightly less than farm house due to the easy to reach safe spots and drops on asylum

Trapper can be a useful perk to spot the last rat as they tend to be quiter and harder to see than the goats, despite this it is very situational and only takes effect late game, leaving you with essentially no perk for the first 90% of the match

The Inn

Fast worker is by far the best perk for this map as there are 3 total long interacts (cleaning, cleansing and burning) this makes it worth having multiple people running this perk

Immune is a rarely used perk but it can be very helpful to avoid getting bogged down in spiders in the mid – late game

Evader is, yet again, quite strong however, on this map, it is countered by webs and large groups of spiders which force you to slow down

The Town

Repellent is a usually abysmal perk but it is (in my opinion) one of the stronger perks for the town because it helps you avoid being forced to use uv on ghosts holding books or bothering you team, the slow effect from repellent also stacks meaning you and your team can all use this perk to hard counter the ghosts

Fast worker is once again an amazing perk as there are 2 long interacts (pouring gas and cursing books) that allow you to greatly speed up the game and avoid being caught out during long interacts

Team leader can be a great alternative to fast worker when it comes to pouring gas but you won’t usually have a teammate to boost when cursing so i would advise running fast worker unless you plan to be doing gas all game
side note – team leader can be very helpful when doing the 4 – 2 – 4 strat

The Slaughterhouse

Crawler was an awful perk however with the addition of The Slaughterhouse to the game, the devs added a secondary effect which lets you move 50% faster in vents which means you can outspeed boars and Nathan early game as well as save a lot of time when traversing the map

Fast worker, as always, is great for getting important things done quickly which buys you and your team more time to get pigs and less time having to put up with Nathan

Team leader usually lives in the shadow of fast worker however it really shines on this map as both long interacts take place in one room and usually occur with your team present, the boost is also double that of fast worker and the only deficit is the need for co-ordination that is rare with random teammates

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