DEVOUR: All Farmhouse Rose Locations

This guide will show you the location of all 25 roses in the Farmhouse map in Devour.


Rose Locations:

There are 25 collectible roses on the Farmhouse map, here are their locations:
1. After jumping the fence in the beginning of the map, turn left. The rose will be next to a pile of tires.
2. When walking to the ritual area, there is a rusty fence. Go through the fence, turn right, and it will be up against the fence.
3. Found in an area behind one of the pillars in the ritual area.
4. Search the shelf on the right when entering the basement.
5. Look in the billiards room in the basement. It will be on the shelf with a clock.
6. In the main entrance of the house (Front door), it will be on the table with a lot of plants.
7. In the room left of the main entrance with the bookshelves, there is a rose on the desk.
8. Check the top of the right shelf in the TV room.
9. In the library (Big red room), check behind the stairs, there is a rose on one of the dressers.
10. Go upstairs in the library, turn right twice, and open the white door. Across from the white door is a dresser with an open drawer, there is a rose in it.
11. Check beneath the tables stacked on top of each other next to the stairs leading up to the attic.
12. After getting rose 11, look behind you and open the door. You should see a rose inside a vase.
13. In the attic, look inside the wagon.
14. Check inside the fridge in the kitchen.
15. Enter the dining room to find a rose in the vase on one of the tables.
16. In the dining room, there is a white cabinet with one door open, there is another rose inside.
17. Look on the shelf next to the bed in the children’s bedroom.
18. Search the shelf with the globe in the playroom. There should be a vase with a rose there.
19. Check the trashcan in the reading room.
20. Look behind the chair in the office.
21. There is a pot by the entrance to the basement. There is one there.
22. There’s one more in the front yard, hidden in the corner right from the house’s entrance.
23. You can find another next to a sink in the Master’s bedroom.
24. Search under the bed in the Master’s bedroom.
25. Climb one of the hills behind the pillars near the ritual site.

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