Dome Keeper: All Rare Achievements Guide

A lot of the rare achievements for this game (less than 10% completion) aren’t that difficult; you just need to know what to do. Some of them are hidden or seem a lot harder than they are. The achievements not mentioned here I think are all pretty obvious to complete, but if you’re stuck on any just comment and I’ll try and help. Anyway, in no particular order, here’s how you complete them.


All Rare Achievements Guide

We’re gonna need a bigger lift

Strip mine on a normal difficulty huge world to get your base going. By the time you’re at the second/third tier of soil, you should be able to fend off the waves easily, and now you can begin to stockpile resources to the side of your lift. A vein of ore at this level can easily drop 20+ iron, so you need to wait until you hit a few and throw them all in simultaneously.

Shopping Bag Conundrum

While doing the above achievement, get to about the third tier of carrying capacity and drag up 20 of your floating resources. Easy two for one!

Compounding interest

Play a few games of normal relic hunt until you unlock everything. You’ll get a modifier for prestige mode that lets you start with a ton of cobalt. Immediately dump it all into the points multiplier, and you get the achievement.

Bringing home the big bucks

Launching the rocket counts as gaining points! That means you don’t have to grind until you get 200 points each wave. Play until you get to 200 points and then launch – you’ll get another 200 for launching the rocket and get the achievement.

My name shall be known

Playing with the sword dome for this and the previous achievement is a little bit easier, in my opinion. You can get very far with minimal investment into defences and pump your point game up right from the start. Finding a teleporter or lift gadget is invaluable, as they allow you to skip a few soil tiers and immediately go to the lower levels that spawn a lot of iron at once. Launch your rocket when you hit 500 points, and you’re done.

Deep and greedy

You might get this one by accident when doing the previous achievement. I tried to go for it on a huge map, and it wasn’t quite deep enough, but prestige is fine. Take the sword dome and the repellant or shield, rush drill upgrades, and dig straight down. If you don’t get a teleporter, rely on the lift speed boost or jetpack upgrades. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking much damage, as we’re only concerned about getting to 100 depth. I abandoned this run as soon as I saw the achievement pop because it’s an uphill battle to try and salvage your bizarre upgrade route, haha.

Veteran Keeper

Not very difficult, just a little time-consuming. Normal difficulty on a small map means you can upgrade anything and do alright, as you’re likely to stumble onto the relic while strip mining before the waves get that hard. Going for the achievement is also a quick way to get all the upgrade paths you get as a reward for winning runs.

The need for Speed

This one requires you to hit a very high speed, but I’m not sure of the exact number. I don’t think it’s possible with just jetpack upgrades; you’ll also need one or two of these: orchard speed buff upgrades, lift speed upgrades, or the mushroom goodie you can find underground. I ate my fruit, ate the mushroom, and ran up my lift to get it.

Rich in fiber

Take the top upgrade for the orchard and the overcharge upgrades that increase the duration. Water the orchard, eat the next fruit that grows, and you’re done.


This requires you to mine every single block on the map. You can do this on the small map, but it might be quicker on the medium as you’ll have more iron to upgrade your drill. It’s not too hard as long as your defences are alright. Play on normal difficulty, of course.

Quick finish

Normal difficulty on a small map. Dig straight down after upgrading your drill to tier 2, and then use any iron deposits you find to push it to tier 3. Strip mine on the lowest layer until you find the relic, and you should be done very quickly. Remember that the relic “buttons” have wires that point to where it’s located, so mine around one if you find it, and you’ll know where to go. The relic also has wires that point to the buttons.

Learning opportunity

You just have to die ten times. If you want to do it fast, then go on brutal and let the first monster smash your dome immediately. Watch youtube on your other monitor while you wait, perhaps?

Close call

You need to survive a wave on 1% hp. I find it easiest to use the beam upgrade so that you can fire instantly and keep it pointed at a single basic ranged enemy while you watch your hp bar go down. Wait until you only have the tiniest sliver left, then kill it. If it doesn’t work, wait until you get another one in another wave and let it hit you one more time. Repeat until you get it. Normal difficulty and the shield are helpful as you can ensure you’re only taking damage when you want to.

My savior

Start a new run, upgrade your drill, and let the first monster hit your dome until you have under 10% hp. Don’t mine anything else until you’ve done that. Once you’re low hp, go and mine for cobalt to heal, and you’ll get the achievement. Previously uncovered or mined cobalt doesn’t work, so you have to wait until you’re low before you look for it.

The third eye

Again, first play until you don’t need to upgrade your defences on normal difficulty. You need to find 15 unique ore blocks, as re-scanning the same one doesn’t count.

Any “do x thing y times” achievements

Playing low difficulty on a large map lets you fairly easily upgrade your gadgets and stall long enough to do these. Keep drillbert near the top and throw treats at him while he’s sleeping, so you don’t have to chase him about. If you can’t be bothered to wait for blast charges, upgrade it so you get three at a time. Basic conversions are the fastest, as iron -> cobalt takes a little longer. Using the lift on a large map will quickly get you 200 resources moved.

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